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Nashville Film Festival is currently seeking exceptional and motivated professionals to join their team for the 2022 season. This team will drive operational success, represent the NashFilm brand, and contribute to the overall mission of NashFilm’s nonprofit initiatives.

Nashfilm is looking for organized, self-sufficient, and proactive candidates with strong communication skills, excellent attention to detail, and the ability to work well with other team members, all personalities at various levels.

The 53rd Nashville Film Festival will take place Sept. 29 – Oct. 5, 2022 at several locations throughout Nashville. Positions are available in areas such as box office, projection, theater floor, event production, hospitality and more. Priority consideration will be given to local candidates who currently reside in the Middle Tennessee area.

Please review full 2022 job scopes below and apply here:

Please find full descriptions of each available position below. 


Marketing / Social Media Manager 

The Nashville Film Festival Social Media Manager is responsible for the development and implementation of NashFilm’s overall social media marketing plan including content creation and coordination. This position focuses on community outreach, raising public awareness of the organization and building excitement for NashFilm and the 53rd Nashville Film Festival. 

Work Period: Part Time June 15 – September 27;  Full Time Sept. 28 – Oct. 5, 2022 

Key skills and qualifications: 

● 3+ years of experience working with social media 

● Social and digital subject matter expert 

● Experience using Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Facebook Ads Manager, Facebook Audience Insights, Twitter Analytics, Instagram Business Insights, YouTube Analytics, and MailChimp 

● Proven ability to independently manage multiple priorities in a fast paced and deadline driven environment. 

Job role, tasks and responsibilities: 

● Manage multiple social media pages through Sked Social  

● Collaborate and develop a strategy for social media marketing campaigns 

● Monitor performance and report on campaigns 

● Grow subscriber list on social channels through creative and memorable campaigns and content 

● Own the creation and management of an editorial calendar across all social platforms. 

● Use social media to engage with and build customer advocates who willingly spread word of mouth 

● Contribute to overarching marketing strategy plan and strategy understanding social’s critical role 

● Measure and analyze social media activity, altering strategy and tactics as-needed on data-driven insights 

● Create custom email marketing campaigns for multiple demographics 

● Respond to correspondence, emails, phone calls or requests in person and liaise with staff, festival guests, vendors, and other parties as required. 

● Manage official Photographer and Videographer throughout the festival.

● Attend meetings leading up to the festival to participate in preparation for the event as required.

Ticketing Manager

The Ticketing Manager is responsible for optimizing and operating the Eventive ticketing platform for the best, most efficient and effective experience for NashFilm staff, filmmakers, audiences, sponsors and other stakeholders. 

Work Period: Part Time / Project Basis: June 15 –  Sept. 27; Full Time: Sept. 28 – Oct. 5 + wrap up / reporting.

  • Analyze, advise and consult on best ways to use all of the functions of Eventive to present the best possible virtual festival experience.
  • Work directly with Eventive customer service / help desk to identify and solve any issues in real time.
  • Plan and Execute physical badge process and logistics.
  • Monitor all VIP badge purchases, field Eventive related questions and process refunds where applicable.
  • Manage all comp badges and data (most efficient way to issue to filmmakers, pre-screeners and juries)
  • Once films are uploaded, cross checking Eventive to make sure the proper geo-blocking, audience caps and any other options selected are accurate and ready for tickets to go on sale 
  • Research and advise on any technical issues related to successfully posting content into the Eventive platform.
  • Daily real-time monitoring of all ticketing and access issues during the festival window.
  • Managing any additional ticketing/box office event staff and/or volunteers.
  • Final summary report of best practices, areas to improve and success stories on/around October 10.

Box Office Supervisor 

The Box Office Supervisor is responsible for assisting the Box Office Manager in managing all public ticket and badge logistics during the Nashville Film Festival. This includes recruiting, training and supervision of Box Office staff, coordinating logistics for crowd control, public information, and other on-site guest experiences.

Work Period:  Part Time August 16 – Sept. 27 /  Full Time: Sept. 28 – Oct. 5, 2022

Key skills and qualifications: 

● A minimum of two years experience in ticketing and box office operations. 

● A minimum of two years of leadership experience. 

● Exceptional customer service skills and ability to train others. 

● Willingness to be creative and resourceful with limited resources. 

● Ability to be diplomatic and actively listen in order to balance the demands of the festival staff, Festival audience members and the venue staff. 

● Experience with Eventive ticketing system is a plus. 

● Experience with film festivals and/or other public events required. 

Job role, tasks and responsibilities: 

● Learn the Festival’s ticketing system and be able to trouble-shoot problems on behalf of individual pass and ticket buyers. 

● Implement systems that provide a positive guest experience. 

● Train ticketing sales staff to execute phone and walk-up sales. 

● Maintain film updates and cancellations in ticketing system 

● Report to the Box Office Manager on all duties. 

Box Office Staff

The Box Office Staff is responsible for all badge sales, ticketing, merchandise management, and on-site customer service. You will be the first point of contact for all film festival patrons and act professionally as a representative of the organization.

Work Period: September 28 – October 5, 2022

Key skills and qualifications: 

● Cash handling experience strongly preferred 

● Box office or guest service background preferred 

● Computer literacy required

Job role, tasks and responsibilities: 

● Service customers at Festival Box Office 

● Prepare items for that day’s events including (but not limited to) filing claimed/unclaimed will call and badges 

● Ensure quality customer service for all Nashville Film Festival patrons 

● Attend training to learn Festival ticketing system (Eventive) prior to September start date 

● Responsible for Ticket and Badge Inventory and stocking 

● Work heavily using computer systems, including but not limited to Eventive and MS Excel 

● Perform all other related duties as assigned 

Theater Floor Staff 

Theater Floor Staff supports the successful operation of all activity within the Festival theaters. Emphasis will be placed on creating a top-notch guest and patron experience. Ideal candidates should be friendly, outgoing, and have strong communication skills with a commitment to customer service. Candidates must be experienced in working in dynamic, high-energy environments, problem solving, public speaking, and working with a team. English/Spanish bilingualism is a plus.

Work Period: Full Time September, 28 – October 5, 2022 

Key skills and qualifications: 

● Experience with film festivals and/or other public events required. 

● Experience managing volunteers preferred. 

● Ability to work well with other team members, all personalities at various levels. 

Job role, tasks and responsibilities: 

● Serving as the primary point of contact at the Festival venue. 

● Overseeing all Festival logistics and operations at venue, including: working with the Festival and venue Technical Teams to implement tech checks and ensure quality projection, audio, lighting and transitions for intros, Q&As and special stage programs 

● Working with in-house Ticketing Manager and Box Office Staff to ensure that ticketing and theater operations remain seamless. 

● Working with Volunteer Coordinator to ensure sufficient flow of volunteers for theaters to cover all dates and screening times 

● Working with Programming to determine which screenings will have talent in attendance, require introduction and/or Q&A sessions, and special reserved seating 

● Working with Membership Department to ensure member benefits are handled 

● Managing line and crowd control 

● Handling all guest and patron concerns at the theater 

● Ensuring ballots for every eligible screening are accounted for and submitted 

● Completing screening reports and communicating information to appropriate team members 

● Managing load-in and load-out of all equipment and material in theater 

● Other duties, as assigned​by the Theater Floor Supervisor. 

Volunteer Coordinator 

In coordination with the Festival’s Operations Manager, the Volunteer Coordinator for NashFilm will help create and implement the Festival Volunteer Plan and timeline with the goal of creating an established Volunteer Community encouraging year-round commitments. Compensation commensurate with experience. 

Work Period: Part Time June 15 – Sept. 27, 2022;   Sept. 28 – Oct. 5, 2022 

Key skills and qualifications: 

● Experience in volunteer management, event management, marketing, business, public relations, or a related field is preferred. 

● Positive, can-do attitude, welcoming and energetic. 

● Superior communication and written skills and strong database management skills are necessary. 

● Demonstrated desire and capacity to work collaboratively with colleagues and consultants, as well as volunteers. 

● Requires outstanding organization skills, attention to detail, and high productivity. 

● Demonstrated ability to take initiative and troubleshoot difficult situations 

● Ability to identify challenges and work through problem-solving solutions in a pressurized environment 

● A team player with strong leadership and delegation skills 

Job role, tasks and responsibilities: 

● Work with Programming to identify how many Volunteers are needed for each program and event. 

● Recruit, manage and train Volunteers and interns 

● Interview and Select Lead Volunteers. 

● Create and execute a Volunteer hospitality plan and retention plan including planning, leading and managing the Volunteer Orientation 

● Train and develop a seasoned group of select volunteers on Festival Events and protocols. 

● Manage and coordinate Volunteers on-site and off-site as needed. 

● Ensure all Festival events and satellite programs are fully staffed with competent and trained Volunteers. 

● Coordinate and host a post-Festival Volunteer appreciation 

● Respond to correspondence, emails, phone calls or requests in person and liaise with staff, festival guests, vendors, and other parties as required. 

● Attend meetings leading up to the festival to participate in preparation for the event as required. 

● Provide wrap-up report covering all areas of responsibility. 

Technical Production Assistant

The Tech Production Assistant provides production support throughout the outdoor VIP experience, inside the projection booth, and as needed across all aspects of the festival. Ideal candidates will have experience in A/V production at indoor and outdoor events. Compensation commensurate with experience. 

Work Period: September 22 – October 5, 2022

Key skills and qualifications: 

● Excellent decision-making and creative problem-solving skills. 

● Professional attitude and demeanor. 

● Ability to anticipate needs and take direction. 

● Ability to think and act quickly under pressure. 

● Able to move and lift heavy equipment. 

● Comfortable with long hours during the festival. 

● A valid driver’s license and clean driving record required. 

Job role, tasks and responsibilities: 

● Support the build out of festival site including box office, VIP tent, Creators Conference theaters, and projection booth 

● Support the load in and load out of all festival venues. 

● Set up / install festival signage at various festival venues. 

● Manages audio/sound set up and breakdowns in all venues and ensures provided set up is working properly 

● Responsible for lighting and gobo setup and breakdown in all venues if necessary 

● Provide production support for events as needed. 

● Work with the Technical Manager on the movement of production equipment, furniture, and product materials throughout the festival. 

● Conduct equipment and supply moves to and from storage units and ensure units are maintained, organized, and clean at all times. 

● Report to Technical Manager on all duties   

Production Assistant

A Production Assistant works under the supervision of the Technical Manager and Events Team. They are responsible for executing a variety of essential festival production projects including assisting with inventory tracking, material disbursement and redeployment, volunteer management, and general venue support. 

Job role, tasks and responsibilities: 

  • Works with the Technical Manager and Events Team to execute load in and load out of festival venues (includes driving)
  • Oversees multiple projects at festival venues including, the building of filmmaker bags, testing, distributing, and labeling of walkies, set up of step and repeats and more based on production needs
  • During the festival, executes a daily list of necessary production tasks including managing walkie & key card sign out/sign in and restocking festival venues with the product and promotional materials as needed
  • Assists with set-up and signage placement as required
  • During busy nights, assists with an array of venue support tasks including assisting volunteer support, flow of traffic, box office, etc. 
  • Provides general production support across all festival venues as instructed by the Events Team and additional Senior Staff;
  • Assists with material wrap of the festival, including storage, disposal, and return of signage, production materials, sponsor goods, iPads, laptops, and walkies, etc. 
  • Other administrative and production support tasks as assigned.

Key skills and qualifications: 

  • Experience in live event, conference production, film sets or film festivals
  • Attention to detail and strong organizational skills
  • Comfort leading teams of volunteers
  • Grace under pressure
  • People skills
  • A valid driver’s license and clean driving record required. 

VIP / Hospitality Manager 

The VIP / Hospitality Manager is responsible for coordinating all travel arrangements for festival guests including but not limited to filmmakers, panelists, music supervisors, and staff. This involves negotiating with internal and external stakeholders to organize and coordinate air travel, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation as needed. Compensation commensurate with experience. 

Work Period:  Part Time / Limited Hours: July 11 – Sept. 27;  Full Time Sept. 28 – Oct. 5, 2022. 

Key skills and qualifications: 

● An experienced professional who is a people person, outgoing and relaxed in social situations and happy to have responsibility for introducing people to each other. 

● Uses diplomacy and tact to manage difficult interactions and is comfortable in varied situations. 

● An organizer with a hands-on approach with meticulous attention to detail, sees things through and works well in a team. 

● Previous film industry experience and a good understanding of the industry and the varied people that are involved would be an advantage in this role. 

● Successful candidates will have excellent customer service and communication skills. 

Job role, tasks and responsibilities: 

● Coordinate all travel arrangements for invited festival guests including panelists, filmmakers, and music supervisors. This includes hotel, air, and ground transportation. 

● Draw up guest lists of filmmaker guests, industry guests, key press, VIPs and Board Members with advice from Executive Director and Programming Manager. 

● Consult with the Programming Manager about the filmmaker guests, their dates at the Festival and their contact details. 

● Remain welcoming, know who is coming, make introductions, (and think about relevant introductions, networking opportunities), be super-friendly and gracious whilst professional at all times. 

● Familiarization with the guests attending, learning as much about them and their work as possible. 

● Communicate effectively with colleagues and departments across the Festival to share information, achieve deadlines and promote a positive working environment. 

● Respond to correspondence, emails, phone calls or requests in person and liaise with staff, festival guests, vendors, and other parties as required. . 

● Attend meetings leading up to the festival to participate in preparation for the event as required. 

● Provide a wrap  report on the 2021 Festival covering all areas of responsibility. 

Special Events Coordinator 

The Special Events Coordinator is responsible for the overall organization and implementation of festival events including opening and closing parties. This position focuses on event planning, vendor management, event sponsor correspondence, and attendee experience. 

Work Period:  Periodic/Part Time: June 15 – Sept. 27;  Full Time – Sept. 28 – October 5, 2022.

Key skills and qualifications: 

● Ability to work a flexible schedule including evenings and weekends 

● One to two years event management experience 

● Possess a valid driver’s license and clean driving record 

● At least 21 years of age at the date of hire 

● ability to work in high stress situations 

Job role, tasks and responsibilities: 

  • Responsible for planning and execution of official festival events including opening and closing parties.
  • Managing guest lists and invitations/RSVPs to all off-site events, preparing and disseminating the schedule of events and managing information through the Festival’s database, as well as other event preparation requirements. 

● Distribute invitations, track RSVPs, manage guest lists. 

● Oversee event set-up and strike of all festival special events 

● Communicate with various event sponsors leading up to Festival events, serve as contact at events 

● Assist with sponsor acknowledgement and thank you correspondence.

● Work with product suppliers to schedule and coordinate deliveries, and sponsor arrival 

● Miscellaneous general administrative duties as required from time to time. 

● Manage event budgets.

● Attend meetings leading up to the festival to participate in preparation for the event as required.

● Provide a wrap report for 2022 Festival covering all areas of responsibility. 

● Respond to correspondence, emails, phone calls or requests in person and liaise with staff, festival guests, vendors, and other parties as required. 

Event Photographer

Work Period:  Sept. 29 – October 5, 2022.

● Be available for assignments of live event coverage over the date range of Sept. 29 – Oct. 5

● Generate compelling, high-quality photography that captures the essence of the festival and related activities. 

● Create an official “shot list” in coordination with the Programming Director and Festival PR team. 

● Capture and record names, spelling and affiliations of filmmakers and VIPs as needed and in coordination with the PR team and assistance from NashFilm volunteers. 

● Generate approx. 25-30 curated “select” images each festival day. 

● Provide a full online gallery of raw images each festival day. 

● Capture all key “red carpet” moments with specific shot list given by the PR group, Q&A’s, in person events, performances 

● Photo documenting the festival at each venue (i.e., attendees at showings, showcase of the venues themselves, interactions of filmmakers and audience members, the experience shown through cinematic stills style photography)


● Capture and edit short video highlight packages for social media during each festival day. 

● Capture and edit 2 minute post-festival highlight package.

● Provide organized drive of raw footage of festival for archival purposes.

As an equal opportunity employer, NashFilm complies with all applicable laws, rules and regulations preventing discrimination against job applicants based on: race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender, gender identity, age, veteran status, martial status, physical challenges, or any other relevant factor. At NashFilm, we have zero tolerance for any type of discrimination or harassment against our employees by their peers, supervisors, customers, or vendors. This assurance is also reflected in our policies regarding: recruiting, advertising, hiring, placement, promotion, training, transfer, payment, benefits, termination and any relevant privileges, terms and conditions of employment.

Thank you for your interest in NashFilm.

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