Education Programs

The Nashville Film Festival brings together filmmakers, film fans of all ages, and film educators to engage in meaningful dialogue that explores the art of cinematic storytelling, contemplates how the moving image is a vital means of expression, and considers how films can acknowledge, embrace and support diverse voices, perspectives, and experiences.

"NashFilm has done a great job finding films with an appeal for a middle school audience. We are an International Baccalaureate school, which is an international program with a focus on global community and service. Our involvement with NashFilm has been a great addition to our school community!"
Kari Edgens
Library Media Specialist
East Nashville Magnet Middle School

NashFilm’s Education Screening Program offers Nashville Metro Public School students, grades 8-12, the opportunity to attend the Nashville Film Festival, see a Festival film, engage in in depth discussions with filmmakers, producers, screenwriters and more at no cost to the schools, teachers or students. 

Our goal is to give students the opportunity to view world class cinema and discuss first-hand with the directors the film’s cultural themes in order to connect the art back to the world around them and shift the idea of consuming film as a passive medium into one that is active, present and invaluable. Film is a powerful teaching tool that can help students spark insightful questions, critical thoughts and valuable self reflection.  

Beginning in 2021, NashFilm partnered with the Nashville Public Library in order to offer Metro Nashville Public School (MNPS) students virtual education screenings. Teachers were provided with study guides prior to the screenings in order to work into their lesson plans and prepare students for viewing the film and discussion. 

The 2022 Nashville Film Festival Education Series provided educational materials, special screening events, and student activities developed to meet the Tennessee Board of Education’s Curriculum Standards and created to help close the opportunity gap for students of color and students from low socioeconomic backgrounds who attend public schools that are not consistently able to provide robust arts programming.

The NashFilm Education Series exposes students to the art of filmmaking, help them appreciate the creative processes and discursive opportunities that films embody, and experience how films and conversations about film can foster respect for the diverse identities, beliefs, and values of individuals and groups.


Our goal is to offer Cinema Studies experiences to help students:

  • Think critically
  • Work well in groups
  • Develop and ask questions
  • Explore how filmmakers identify and address specific issues
  • Discover the power and politics of storytelling
NashFilm recently announced the launch of FLIX (Film-Led Interactive eXchanges), a screening program that brings festival official selections directly to Metro Nashville Public School students.

“I’m beyond thrilled that we are piloting FLIX this year, our screening program for students,” said Director of
Programming Lauren Ponto. “Including Metro Nashville Public School students in our celebration of film is a
wonderful opportunity for filmmakers from around the world to connect directly with MNPS students while
promoting media literacy and cross-cultural understanding to young audiences.”