Stu Pollard

Filmmaker Stu Pollard has produced 9 films in his home state of Kentucky, including the survival thriller RUST CREEK, which spent multiple weeks in Netflix’s top 10 in 2020. He has produced more movies outside the Bluegrass as well, including the uproarious wedding rom com PLUS ONE starring Jack Quaid & Maya Erskine and docu-drama FREELAND, starring Krisha Fairchild. Stu has also directed two features: romantic comedy NICE GUYS SLEEP ALONE and suspense drama KEEP YOUR DISTANCE, both set against a vibrant Kentucky backdrop. His current development slate includes WE’RE HAUNTED, a horror comedy about dysfunctional roommates confronting an evil spirit; THE MAN WHO KNEW BELLE STARR, a riveting Western-infused revenge drama; and ALAS, BABYLON, a post-apocalyptic survival parable based on the classic novel by Pat Frank. Also an entrepreneur, Stu has spearheaded a number of other creative endeavors including the event planning app REUNACY, nostalgic web series THE EIGHTIES EMPORIUM, whiskey lifestyle brand BOURBONALITY, content creation collective SMALL BATCH CONTENT, and philanthropic nonprofit organization TRUNACY. In addition to teaching at Film Independent and USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, Stu recently founded LunacyU, an online educational platform dedicated to teaching the next generation of independent filmmakers. He holds a degree in business from Georgetown and an MFA in film from USC, is a member of the DGA and PGA, and serves on the boards of the Louisville Film Society, the Horse Farm Workers’ Educational Assistance Fund and GU’s Alumni Board of Regents.