Michela Altobelli

Michela Altobelli, from Vallecorsa, Italy, is the deputy artistic director of the Dieciminuti Film Festival, an international festival that features short movies lasting not more than ten minutes. She is also the director of the Giffoni School Experience (Ceccano Hub), a program of the Giffoni Film Festival that brings film education and practical knowledge into local schools throughout Italy. Additionally, she is the coordinator of special projects for IndieGesta, an NGO that facilitates youth exchanges, training courses, masterclasses, events, and has been a facilitator for more than fifty Erasmus+ educational programs in a variety of European countries. Most recently, she played a crucial role in developing and organizing IndieGesta’s photographic exhibition Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich, featuring the photography of Sandro Miller. Michela is passionate about the dissemination of short film as an important medium of artistic expression, especially for the purpose of fostering new cultural experiences and facilitating the creative process in children in the areas of art, photography, music and film. Her teaching, centered around media arts, pays close attention to social media and the digital tools that condition communication in contemporary society. Michela graduated with an M.A. in Cinema, Television, and Digital Production from Università di Roma Tre and a B.A. in Literature, Music, and Show Business from Università di Roma la Sapienza. She recently moved to Nashville and looks forward to this new chapter of her life, hoping to find out if Fellini’s aesthetic can meet Lynch’s works.