NashFilm 2024 Screenplay Competition Quarterfinalists

NashFilm is pleased to announce the Screenplay Competition Quarterfinalists for the 55th Nashville Film Festival. The winners will be announced at the 55th Nashville Film Festival taking place Sept. 19-25, 2024.

Screenplays are the blueprints for cinematic magic, crafted by the creative minds who dare to dream big. They bring characters to life, spin tales that captivate, and ignite emotions that linger long after the credits roll. Every year, we have the pleasure of reading countless different screenplays, with this year being no exception. Today, we announce which of these screenplays are quarterfinalists.

Congratulations to those who have made it this far and thank you to everyone who submitted this year. Your passion and dedication are the driving force behind the magic of cinema, and we are honored to have been a part of your creative journey. Stay tuned for announcements regarding the semifinalists and finalists for the 2024 Nashville Film Festival Screenplay Competition.

Comedy Feature Quarterfinalists

Bad Dates And Aliens by Navid Mehrjou
Bass Champs by Elizabeth Baquet
Boom The Conqueror by Ana R. Dominick
Brave John Burns by John Biolsi
Canterbury Trails by Michael Brose
Cheekbones by Deantre Henderson
Dick Nixon: Crisis In Space by Danny Rathbun
Down At The Val by Neil Goodchild
Emily’s Toy Boy by Paula Smith
Game Over. Continue??? by Bryan Heshiki
I’m Begging You To Date Me by Fiona Kida
Janice Beside Herself by Laura Jaques
Nothing To See Here by Josh Long
Nowhere To Be by Deirdre O’Connor
Our Christmas Anniversary by Gary Templeton
Pearl Jam And Toast by Will Downs
Playing Hero by Warren Lane
Positive Roberto by Niño De Rivera
Sex Talk by Jessica L. Folk
That Summer We Stole Our Permanent Records by Kersti Niebruegge
That’s Our Girl by Lexi Brandt
The Bashers by Myles Hewette
The Formidable Miss Bennet by Alisa Kindsfater

Drama Feature Quarterfinalists

A Good Day Will Come by Amir Zargara
Aman And Flor Against The Mther*cking World by Emilie Blythe McDonald
Becoming Elizabeth by Aimee Veronica Pitta
Black Woman Down by Felicia Baxter
Bounce by Chris Manydeeds
Crescendo by Michael Carrithers
Crossed by Peter Herlan
Demanding An Answer From God by Kevin J. Howard
Elephant Path by Robert Wooldridge
Exorcise Intolerance by Brian Koukol
Flowergiver by Alex Ramirez
Good Chance by Tricia Lee
Hattie’s House by Dewane Alexander
How To Heal by Josh Wilson
I Love You As Much As I Can by Quinn Martin
Love Bombed? by Elisabeth Lawrence
Myriam by J Rainsnow
Nanjing 1937 by Nick Marciano
Old Flames by Yvonne Paretzky
On The Hook by Sassy Mohen
Over The Horizon by Stephanie Parney & Nicholas Roy
Polaroid Girl by Richard H. Bogart
Popcorn Prophets by Reynaldo Leal
President Edith Wilson by William E Clark
Pretty Boy Towing Company by Kirk Ray Shannon-Butts
R.e.g.g.i.n by A. D. Smith
Sacrificial Prodigy by Kristen Mcnaule
Sad Gopher by Brian Koukol
Speak Easy by Christopher O. Lukens
Spitting Fire by Angie M. Comer
Stats by Kem Joy Ukwu
Take My Life by Larry Collins
The Brockton Brawler by Timothy Driscoll
The Recluse by Eric Duffy
The Winter Dance Party Tour-1959 by L J Coon
While Owls Sleep by N. Batchelder
Without Roots by Melanie Hope Lang

Genre Feature Quarterfinalists

A Boiling Frog by Parker Gayan
Angels In Hip Hop Land by Gail E. Davis & Clyde Santana
Anywhere by Adam Seidel
Checkout by Hunter Davis & Bryan Bock
Driverless by Wilder Konschak & Stirling Mclaughlin
Echoes In The Dark by Renee Miller
Falling From The Sky by Robert Rhyne
Heartrace by Will Bermender
Hemmville Creek by Ari Gill
In The Shadow Of Treachery by Stan Lewis
Inner Station by Matt O’Reilly
Kill The Competition by Will Altemeier
Point Arena by Lance Dumais, Gerard Roxburgh & Urijah Faber
Rikkorrokkir by James Steele Haney
Riveters by Max Rissman
Silhouettes by Dustin Richardson
Stormheart by Meshal Alsaleem
That Summer We Stole Our Permanent Records by Kersti Niebruegge
The Event by Izabela Borowska
The Fountain by Link York
The Most Marvelous Man In The World by Khris Burton & Colin Scott
The Night Watchman by Thomas Gaunt
Trawler by Joshua Nathan
Tunnels by HF Crum
Who Rescued Who? by Sean Henning

Horror Feature Quarterfinalists

A Debt Unpaid by Luke Guidici
Aqualand by Luke Hunter
Assimilated by Christopher Guerrero
Blue Dreams by Jonathan Samuel
Desolation by Frank Kelly
Edgeplay by Jason Kaleko
Ghost Station by Suzy Stein & Fernando Perez
House Of The Deaf Man by Henry Harper
Indigent by Briana Cox
Karma by Scott Hawthorne
Mars One by Andrew Henderson
Mary/mary by Connor Scott Thompson
Muck by Rachel Coomes
No Control by Jeff Bower
Noctua by Andrew M. Henderson
Primordial by Andrew M. Henderson
Seeking Sugar Mason by Christopher O’Bryant
Symbiote by Andrew M. Henderson
Ten Good Deeds by Anwen Bull
The Designer by Em Johnson
The Knocking At The Marsh by Gina Deangelis
The Mantis by Wylie Rush & Jessie Gill
Titch by Jody Matzer
White Bone by Richard B. Pierre
Witchsign by Scott Hawthorne
Wrath by Christopher O’Bryant

Half Hour Pilot Quarterfinalists

And Also With You by Olivia Marie Haller
1999 by Kristopher Pierce
A Black Girl’s Guide… by Aadrise Johnson
Andi Lake Has Things To Do by Teri Elam
Blkr Than Black by Emeka Orjiakor
Girl Dad by Noémie Boucher
Go Get Larry by L.E. Coleman
Kiss My Highness by Michael Rodriguez
Me! by Deontae Simolien
Mister Miss America by Neil D’Astolfo
Procreation, Inc. by Lex Powell
South Birch by Melissa Byrd
The 411 by Allyson Morgan
The Detail by Jonah Einstein
The Sex Witch Of Templecombe by Christine Burright
The Switch by Victor Dean
The Temp by Devi Snively
The Two Of Us by Alison Balnar
Volstead by Emily Parker

Hour Pilot Quarterfinalists

A Question Of Service by Hans Obma
Before The After by Laura Brienza
Bloodbound by Lauren Ferebee
Butch by Rae Binstock
Crescent Sun by Ladarrion Williams
Displacement by Toby Marks
Foxtown by Evan Manning
Free Huey by Phillip Charles
Kith & Kin by Deontae Simolien
Land Eater by Zachary Vickers
Make Them Pay by Aurora Wells
Melvin by Jeremiah Nemeth
Men Will Be Boys by Torthell Robinson
Molotovs by HF Crum
Roommates And-i by Christina Alexandra
Superstition by Jeremy St. Romain
The 147 by John White
The Battleground by Teri Elam
The Bullring by Edward Dawson
The Dragon And The Pendant by Adam Velasquez
The Girl With The Devil Eyes by Toby Marks
The Many Girlfriends Of Manny by Kahlil Maskati
The Match by Justin Ballheim
The Spread by Eric Pannell
The Zookeeper’s Daughter by Lisa Hickey
There Goes The Gayborhood by Larry Collins
Unpredictable by Lisa Hickey

Short Competition Quarterfinalists

A Few Perfect Heads by Ben Hirschhorn
A Long Road Ahead by Bernhard Riedhammer
Ashes by Joshua David Matthews & Brett Brooks
Ashes by Nicole Ohara
Bank Robbery Hottie by Ruby Mainieri
Become The Wounded by Gabe Berry & Amir Zargara (story by)
Black Nite by Matthew Trudeau
Blessed by Warren Lane & Jon Tenzing Neralich
Bomb Ass Boss(es) by Shanice Williamson
Bound by Kirk Richardson
Box Camera by Shiva Ramanathan
Butcher Box by Victor Dean
Canopy by Shiv B
Chaste by Joanna Koss
Cheekbit by William Winston
Death Comes For Danny by Julia Maddox
Deliverance by Olga Holtz
Derby City by Tyler Totten
Diane From Kernville by S.E. King
Eight Days And Some Hours by Sina Kianpour
El Male by Leonardo Mileikowsky
Frontera by Jack Evans
Happy Cry by Jen Grubbs
Heaven Knows by Randall C Willis
Hood by Dante Desmond
In The Stars by Persephone Vandegrift
In Time by Molly-Anne Dameron
In With The Storm by Cara Marshall
Inside Out by Orlando Bryant
Karma by Santiago Ortiz-Monasterio
Keshkatha – The Hair Story by Gopal Seshadri & Gokul Seshadri
Las Maldecidas by Alycya Magana
L’avocat by Rachel Walsh-Williams
Make A Wish by Lucy Johnson
Mary Go Round by David-Matthew Barnes
Me, The Dog, And The Dark Fog by Christopher Shank
Mirrored Opposition by Nick Mendoza
Nexus by Ivan Gartner
Nightmare by Segun Okubanjo
Pat by Quamã© Hamlin
Propinquity by Garin Najmeh Pirnia
Red Block by Aaron David Harris
Scars That Define Us by Edward Worthy
Shinobi Of The West by B.A. Buffong
The Comps by Julie Nelson
The Dinner That Was Never Served by Amirreza Rashidi
The Doghouse by Evan Colten
The Double’s Life by Cindy Di Xin & Martin Aguilera
The Evil That Men Do by Steve Hanisch
The Last Creation by Brad Cooper
The Neuroinfernal Friend by Melissa Balint
The Other Side by Mark Harris & Monica Foley
There’s Something Behind Door #1 by Andrew Michael
Vital by Gabe Berry & Amir Zargara (story by)

Tennessee Writer Quarterfinalists

901 by Phillip Charles
Bestial by Tyler Fedele
Burnt Umber by Seth Christian
Curse Of The Frontier by Sam Jones
David Rex by Ben Dongarra
Divided by Louis Johnson
I Am by Phillip Charles
Last Bash by Krista Knight & Meghan Brown
Let Her Go by Melissa Sheridan & Amy Traurig
Lunatic by Sally Jane Pitts & Ryan Louis Gaumont
Mary/mary by Connor Scott Thompson
Miss Ney by Jan H Morrison & Kelly C Brownlee
Music Store Miracle by Alan Sproles & Lizanne Southgate
Never Going Back by Ernie W Hoskins
R.e.g.g.i.n by A. D. Smith
Songs Of September by Ben Parsons
The Anchoress by Matthew Fisher
The Bus Driver by Matt Bowers
The Creighton Chronicles: Master Of Death by Ben Parsons
The Lost Book Of Enoch, Judgement Of The Watchers by Melissa Sheridan
To The Family Of Verlean Banks by Briana Cox
Welcome To The No Beau Chateau by Jeff Elder

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