Announcing the 2023 Screenwriting Competition Finalists

Our finalist scripts represent a wide range of diverse voices in all genres and formats. Their selflessness in honing their craft to share their stories enriches the lives of those of us who have had the privilege of reading them.

Congratulations to all of our finalists and we look forward to announcing the category winners at the Awards Ceremony at the 54th annual festival.

30 Minute Pilot Finalists

Cashley by Christl Stringer
Negro-tism by Aadrise Johnson
Original Sinners by Martin Aguilera
So, We’re Heroes? by Victor Dean & Shannon McClain Robertson
Sunnyside by Michael Davison
SWOLE by David Koutsouridis

60 Minute Pilot Finalists

Ashes to Ashes by Rachel McClard
At Death’s Door by Matthew Catanzano
Big Booty Judy by Julia Tokarz
BUTCH by Rae Binstock
Fashion Apocalypse by Susan Berman
La Madrina Adam Santa Maria
Magical Negro by Sam Watson

Short Script Finalists

A Wicked Game by Derrick Benton
A Woman’s Body by Tiffany Tenille
Compulsion by Mark Renshaw
Cotton’s Sack by Will Sims
Leo Lets It Rain by Jasmin Sinclair Prophete
Noa’s Place by Maria Romanova-Hynes
Superman Doesn’t Steal by Tamika Lamison
Teeth by Lyubo Yonchev

Drama Feature Finalists

A8450, M.D. by Shia Labeouf
Huerfano by Colten Ashley
Rooted by Brian Koukol
Salesman From Topeka by Adam Seidel
Self Evident by Lawrence Kennon
Thaw by Alex Bush
The Many Deaths Of Wallace Badger by Nicky Calloway
The Rommel Gambit by John Doble
Ziggy and Rachel by Michael Rispoli & Gregg Greenberg

Genre Feature Finalists

From Above by Ben Tedesco
Iris by Shunori Ramanthan & Cidney Hue
Maddie and Frannie by Virginia Austin & Virginia
On A Field of Legends by Nicholas Julius
Parallel by Ryan Werner
The Rifle Brothers by Brett Prieto
Time, Space, & The Poet by John Turner

Horror Feature Finalists

Effigy by Jason Kaleko
Holdout Darren by Arthur Howell
Indigent by Briana Cox
P.R.O.M. by Liz Maestri
Primordial by Andrew M. Henderson
The Horror Experience by Joseph C. Muscat
Trick Selfie by Chad Wellinger

Comedy Feature Finalists

Cary in Retrograde by Priya Jane Domfeh & Philipp Yaw
Helen of Troy by Mary Ann Rotondi
I’ll Be Going by S.P Rae
K-Poparazzo by Max Werkmeister
Loves Company by Jason Laurits
Proud by Courtney Harrell
The Wedding Knight by Stephen Hoover

Tennessee Writer Finalists

901 by Phillip Charles
Globeheads by Briana Cox
r.e.g.g.i.N by A. D. Smith
Shades of Right by Paula Phelps-Weaver
Shady Acres by Jaimie Bouwkamp
The Pain Body by Adam Murphy