Announcing NashFilm’s 2022 Screenwriting Competition FINALISTS!

The Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition is excited to announce the 2022 FINALISTS! The overall quality of the scripts this season was outstanding, but this diverse group of writers rose to the top to move forward in the competition by making us laugh, cry, and sleep with the lights on.

Congratulations to all involved!

30 Minute Pilot Finalists:

  • 35 Bleak St. by Taylor Steele
  • Baby Gay by Keyanna Khatiblou
  • Be Bold! by Ruby Mainieri
  • Crips by Brian Koukol
  • Cupid Stunt by Jack Fossett
  • The Broken Kingdom by Mark Renshaw
  • The Gayest Town In North Dakota by Tyler Geditz

60 Minute Pilot Finalists:

  • Murder Show by Rosalind Grush
  • Only In North Haven by Olivia Reed
  • Quiet The Echoes by Christian Nilsson
  • Sorcerers Of Suburbia by Geoffrey Prather
  • The Curious Misery Of Eve by Gaubrielle
  • The Marked by Scott Hawthorne + Jim Goode
  • Westward Sunrise by Rob Carieri

Comedy Feature Finalists:

  • 93% Chance Of Happiness by Jeff Bower
  • Clean by Jason Laurits
  • Crispy by Dawson Roebig
  • Elektra by Roxy Mitchell
  • Friend Zone by Omar Willis
  • Jingle King by Nick Matthews
  • Poser by Michael Ronca

Drama Feature Finalists:

  • Girl Boxer by Lauren McCann
  • Main Drag by Ryan Thorsen
  • Major Hacker’s War by Steve Blame
  • One Shot by Harry Ricky Dieudonne
  • Seraphim’s Miracle by JB Storey
  • The Devil And Dick Gregory by Sean Slater
  • The Odd Son by Nigel Tyrone Simms
  • The Passage Of Sun by Aaron Braxton
  • The Redneck & the Closer by Daret Dickens

Genre Feature Finalists:

  • Bloodlines: The Mogadishu Diaries 1992-1993 by Eddie Clay Thompkins III
  • CC-909 by Johnny Gilligan
  • Eyelashes by Kelly Palmer
  • The Night Watchman by Thomas Gaunt
  • Time Zero by Carlo & Erin Carere

Horror Feature Finalists:

  • Cuffing Season by Jon Bershad
  • Fright by Byron Miller, Shelly Smith, Paul Morgan
  • Our Lady Of Justice by David Daniels
  • Primordial by Andrew M. Henderson
  • The Devil’s Butcher Shop by Matt O’Reilly

Short Finalists:

  • September 13, 2004 by Derrick Benton
  • /haaw/ by Joey Scoma
  • El Vals (The Waltz) by Alycya Magana
  • La Sierra by Armando Gonzalez
  • Pancake Skank by Sav Rodgers
  • Pros & Cons by Olivia Pearson
  • The Baobab Tree by Danielle Browne
  • The Last Good Day by Mahalia Latortue
  • Ya Ghalbi by Yasmeen Albrahim

Tennessee Writer Finalists:

  • Dog Duty by Mark Casadei + Anna Casadei
  • Family Is Familia by Sara K De La Haya
  • Floridamen by Nate Eppler
  • Happily by Beecher Reuning
  • McNairy Medical by Lindsey Brandon
  • Problem Cases by Briana Cox
  • Queer And Southern God by Melisse Prusinski + Shawn-Caulin Young