Waterways Award

Waterways Award

Theme: Pride in Nashville’s waterways

$2,500 cash prize to the film that best depicts why Nashvillians should be proud of their waterways (and why we should act to protect them!).

Films might cover, but are certainly not limited to:

History of the Cumberland River

*special thanks to the Nashville Waterways Consortium for providing the award funds.

Waterways Award

**By accepting this award, you are permitting the Nashville Waterways Consortium to use the winning film for promotional purposes that advance the goal of clean water in and around Nashville.

Thanks for your interest in submitting your film to the 2018 Nashville Film Festival. Please be sure to read our Rules and Regulations and our FAQ pages thoroughly before you submit. If you still have questions, please contact us at 2018entries@nashfilm.org and we’ll get you answers. The submission deadlines and fees are as follows:

Waterways Award Deadlines & Fees

RegularJanuary 12, 2018$5