Tobias Deml

Tobias Deml is a social impact filmmaker from Vienna, Austria.

Tobias co-founded the SIE Society, the leading international alliance for Social Impact Entertainment. He acts as its Head of Content, curating the listings of 250+ SIE organizations and 200+ know-how resources. Tobias has helmed more than 100 projects as cinematographer, director or producer. Tobias’ work has been distributed by streamers like Netflix and premiered at festivals such as SXSW. He likes to bridge the worlds of independent film and impact research, traveling around the globe for impact-focused conferences such as the SBCC Summit in Bali, Indonesia. He is the co-founder of LA-based Prodigium Pictures with his partner, Hiriki Kamada.

In 2012, Tobias had a near-death experience that led to a full personal and professional pivot: namely, towards creating socially valuable and lasting impact as a filmmaker rather than “just entertainment”. To find evidence for this mission, he went on to study film theory at UC Berkeley and co-founded the magazine Cinema of Change, partially based on his 80-page Berkeley thesis “Cinema of Change: The Persuasive Impact of Narrative Motion Picture on Individual and Society“. For the magazine, he and co-founder Robert Rippberger publish articles from authors around the world, interview film and psychology experts like Philipp Zimbardo, and organize conferences and discussion rounds.