Tennessee First Features and Shorts

Tennessee First Features

Ain’t It Nowhere | Director: Scott Murphy. | Ain’t It Nowhere is a uniquely Southern film about a group of twenty-somethings who attempt to conquer love, death, and a pregnancy. Cast: Matt Dearman, Hannah Margaret Allen, Scott Murphy, Emily Blocher, Erik Schiller, Sam King.

The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young | Directors: Annika Iltis, Timothy Kane. |  Runners from around the world descend on a tiny town in Tennessee to test their mental and physical limits during one of the most secretive, eccentric, and difficult trail races ever created.

Duty of the Hour | Directors: Tony Dancy, Reece Auguiste. | A documentary on the life of Memphis Civil Rights activist Dr. Benjamin L. Hooks and his crusade to promote social justice and racial equality in the United States. Cast: Benjamin Hooks, Booker T. Jones, Jimmy Carter, Julian Bond, Lamar Alexander, Maxine Smith, Patricia Hooks, Russell Sugarmon, Steve Cohen.

Heartworn Highways Revisited  | Director: Wayne Price. | Heartworn Highways Revisited captures a new community of singer-songwriters whose work is heavily influenced by the “Outlaw” artists presented in the 1976 documentary Heartworn Highways. Like its predecessor, the film observes their intimate world during a time when folk music is experiencing a renaissance. Cast: John McCauley, Robert Ellis, Andrew Combs, Guy Clark, Nikki Lane, Jonny Fritz, Shovels & Rope, Bobby Bare Jr., David Allen Coe.

Homeless | Director: Clay Hassler. | An eighteen-year-old boy navigates his way through life in a homeless shelter after the passing of his grandmother. Cast: Michael McDowell, Julie Dunagan, Parker Townsend, J.W. Burriss.

The Keepers | Directors: Joann Self Selvidge, Sara Kaye Larson. |The Keepers is a portrait of the personalities and work of zookeepers shot with unprecedented behind-the-scenes access at the Memphis Zoo. A bittersweet, nonjudgmental look at what it means to find a place for yourself, working a job that you love.

Mind/Game: The Unquite Journey of Chamique Holdsclaw | Director: Rick Goldsmith. | The compelling story of basketball phenom Chamique Holdsclaw, from her rise to WNBA stardom to her struggle with mental illness and the strength she called on to speak out about it. Cast: Chamique Holdsclaw.Orphan Brigade –

Soundtrack to a Ghost Story |Directors: Joshua Britt, Neilson Hubbard. | The documentary follows a group of musicians (The Orphan Brigade) as they spent a year writing and recording an album in one of the most haunted houses in the Southern United States. Cast: Ben Glover, Heather Donegan, Kim Richey, Danny Mitchell.

Paternity Leave |Director: Matt Riddlehoover. | A man finds out that he’s pregnant with his partner’s baby. Dumbstruck by the news, their relationship takes twists and turns through hardship and hilarity. Cast: Jacob York, Chris Salvatore, Rebecca Lines, Susannah Devereux.

Reminiscent |Director: Justin Tandy. | A psychological thriller following retired Army Ranger, Jackson Taylor, as he fights to save himself, his family, & ultimately Mankind. Cast: Justin Tandy, Dustin Brandt Hyer.

Sufferland | Director: Linear Downfall. | A walk through the many compartmentalized landscapes in the mind of a tormented girl who is under the control of a tormented man. Cast: Charlee Cook, Dom Marcoaldi, Cary Hall,  Pearl Hennecy.

Tennessee First Shorts

Achmed’s Burial | Director: Travis Slagle. | The owner of a pet funeral service finally gets the chance to be with the girl of his dreams as her iguana lives out his final days.

Burt’s Eye View | Director: Eric Staples. | A man, desperate to win back the woman he loves, must first overcome his frantic mind.

Coffee | Director: Kevin McNulty. | The “true” story of the lives affected by America’s addiction to coffee.

Contrary to Likeness | Director: Motke Dapp. | Contrasting worlds collide when a man lost in the monotony of daily life receives a mysterious gift.

Daddy’s Little Girl | Director: Chad McLarnon | A precocious little girl uses her self-taught science knowledge to finally tackle the problem of her abusive father head on.Precedes “Sufferland”.

The Department of Signs and Magical Intervention | Director: Melissa Sweazy. | After a chance encounter with a beautiful girl leads to his death, a young man arrives for his first day of work at The Department of Signs and Magical Intervention. Turns out he’s not very good at his job.

EXPOSED Chapter 1: The Global Epidemic | Director: Mo Scarpelli. | Natalie Skipper survived multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB), but not before it flipped her life upside down.

First Time | Director: Hilary Bell. | While Jake and Anna tell their best friends just how perfect their first time in the sack was, we get to watch what really happened.

Four Horseman | Directors: Lynn Edwards, Paul Cain. | Devout couple Rick and Mitzi have an important question for their irreligious friend Dave.

Futureman | Director: Patrick Sheehan. | Futureman follows 5-time Grammy winner, inventor and virtuoso Roy ‘Futureman’ Wooten (of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones) as he discusses and works with his various musical inventions.

How I Got Made | Director: Tracy Facelli | Set in 1981, Gaby, a nine year old girl, comes up with a unique way to deal with the school bully after she watches ‘The Godfather’ with her Dad.

Jake Plays First Base | Director: Josh Harrell. | Jake just graduated to coach-pitch little league on his baseball team, and he’s set the East Nashville Little League on fire!

Merry Death Collector |Director: Ben Murphy. | An oddball antiques collector faces the challenges of opening his own shop in a small Tennessee town.

Muddy Pond | Director: Tyler Jones. | From cultivation to harvest, this film profiles a second-generation sorghum farmer in eastern Tennessee. But Mark Guenther is more than that—he’s an ambassador for a comeback crop.

Nashville in Harmony: Ten Years of Using Music to Build Community | Director: Steven Knapp. | Love builds communities.

Night Run | Director: Ben Dongarra. | Night Run is about finding your breaking point.

SandorKraut | Directors: Ann Husaini, Emily Lobsenz. | A portrait of acclaimed food writer and fermentation guru Sandor Katz, whose revival of ancient culinary practices has transformed his relationship with life and death.

Springtime in the Sorrowing Hole | Director: Joe Hemphill. | An aging Dutch veteran contemplates an atrocity he committed during the last Spring of World War II.

Summer Haze | Director: Blake Holland. | A group of young adults struggle with identity as they navigate through the haze of their suburban summer.

Teppanyaki | Director: Matthew Fisher. | Mono no aware – Japanese for ‘sadness for the transience of things.’ This story explores the environment of the teppanyaki restaurant through the eyes of an aging chef. A slice-of-life meditation on life’s fading joys, and its moments of rejuvenation.

Tethered | Director: Kevin McNulty. | Oppression, abuse and bullying are the ways of the land as seen through the eyes of one red balloon. Take a stand.

Trying Not to Explode | Director: Dave Dorsey. | A young man flees a relationship–and civilization altogether–to sort out the implications of his parents’ spontaneous combustion.

Usetocould | Director: Drew Maynard. | After a failed attempt at exercise, a man’s lunch break is almost ruined by a mildly profound and harrowing thought.

Wander Woman | Director: Tyler Evans. | Deanna is traveling solo across the country, with a mouse for a traveling companion, a past she doesn’t want to face, and power she doesn’t want to own. Some heroes run.