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Recognition and acknowledgement of outstanding professional Tennessee artists who, through their work add to the cultural vitality of the state Fellowships provide those individuals who by education, experience, or natural talent engage in a particular art form or discipline, and live and work in Tennessee. To qualify, an artist must be financially compensated for his or her work, and this compensation must be a significant source of support for their livelihood. No matching funds are required and no specific project has to be carried out with the funds. The Commission anticipates that each fellowship will be awarded $5,000. Accepted categories for FY 2022: • Visual Art: Two-Dimensional Work or Mural Arts • Craft • Media: Film or Photography • Dance: Choreography or Solo Dance • Music: Composition • Theater: Playwriting • Literary Arts: Fiction, Children’s / Young Adult Literature, or Poetry Read the Individual Artist Fellowships (IAF) Fiscal Year 2022 Guidelines at

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