Script Length:

Short scripts: under 45 pages.   

Teleplay (half an hour) 25-40 pages (the longer length for teleplays presented with act breaks)

Teleplay (hour) 50-70 pages (the longer length for teleplays presented with act breaks)

Features: 75-110 pages

What feature category should I enter?

Choose the category that best represents the film as a whole. 

Comedy – this would include mixed-genre comedy such as horror comedy or action comedy.

Drama – Dramas would include screenplays where there are comedic moments, but the focus is still on drama.

Genre – Historical, science fiction, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Animation, Thriller, Family, Faith-Based and any combination of these genres that contain specific elements that audiences look for in these types of films.

Horror – Supernatural horror/creature feature/slasher all forms that focus on  blood, gore, or fear.

Can I enter multiple categories?

Yes, however each entry requires a separate fee.


All scripts must be formatted in standard screenplay structure. There is shareware available to use at no charge on the web (Google “Free screenplay software” ) and all of the major software programs offer a free 30-day trial.  Please make sure that you export your submission to PDF before submitting.

Can I submit adapted material?

If it is adapted from your work and you retain all the rights.  Our main focus is to help screenwriters find representation and/or get their work produced. Adapted material is more difficult to work with. We will provide notes on adapted work through our coverage service.

Can I submit a spec script for an existing show?

Our contest currently accepts only original pilots. We will provide notes on spec scripts through our coverage service. Spec episodes are frequently used to submit to some of the workshop programs available to writers trying to break in.

Can I submit a sequel to an existing film?

No. The rights to characters and intellectual property are complicated. While such a script might serve as a strong sample, it’s not advantageous for attracting management or a producer.  If you would like notes on such a script, they can be provided through our coverage service.

Other questions?

Check our Rules and Regulations page.  If you still can’t find the answer, feel free to email our screenplay competition manager: