Print Traffic

Please complete the form by March 17, 12:00 PM (CST). If you have print traffic questions, please email nathan [at]


Your DCP must be DCI compliant. Encryption is not necessary, encryption keys (KDMs), if provided, must be open for the entire run of the festival. We will not stream a video from an online service (such as YouTube or Vimeo). In an emergency, as a backup, we may download from there, but will require a download button be available. The DCP Drive should be in EXT2 or EXT3 (linux formats) file format with an inode size of 128 bytes (this IS important). NTFS may work, but is not officially supported. Mac HFS+ or ExFAT will NOT work. If you don’t know what most of this means, please pay someone to make your DCP, the drive formatting is the hardest part. If it is wrong, we can’t show your film.


Please provide a Blu-ray backup in case there is an issue with your DCP. As an absolute last resort we will take an un-watermarked DVD.


Nashville Film Festival
ATTN: Nathan Sanford
161 Rains Avenue
Nashville, TN 37203

  • The deadline for prints is March 21. If your film is coming from a prior festival and will need to arrive later than this date, please note below.
  • Please let us know the date you expect the print to arrive and the festival's print traffic contact information.
  • If it's going to another festival, please let us know the print traffic deadline. All prints not going to another festival will be sent after the conclusion of the festival.
  • Please include the following: Name | Business | Address | City, ST ZIP | Nation | Phone Number | Email (optional)
    IF you don't know yet, please type N/A. Please return to this form when you know where the print will be sent.