ON THE INTERACTIVE PANEL: From Script To Screen | Fri, April 24 1:30 PM – 3 PM

by NashFilm

Script to Screen



​ ​NaFF 2015 | Fri, Apr 24 1:30 PM to 3 PM | Green Hills Cinema – Theater 5


Exploring the onboarding mindset and approach in the business of screenwriting. KATHLEEN DAVISON, Director of films (Primrose Lane) and (Effloresce) and a Fellow at the Sundance Institute, shares practical and personal insights from her own screenwriting and post-screenplay experiences in filmmaking. She’ll take the audience on her own journey from page to screen to award recognition this year from The California Women’s Film Festival and Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival. ALBERT HASSON, Producer of 15 independent films, explains how production teams break down the script and discusses the coalescing elements of a screenplay that have, in his experience, led from the page to production.

Also, we will talk to award-winning Nashville Screenwriter, ELVIS WILSON, about becoming a filmmaker, about his screenplay competition approach, and about the ongoing impact of digital on the screenwriter’s journey. Additionally, local screenwriter EVA ATKINS will talk to us about the recent attention that her script work is receiving and about the platform viabilities of The Black List for local writers.

This panel will be moderated by NaFF 2015 Consultant, HAROLD LOREN. There will be ample time scheduled for audience Q & A. Join us!

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Harold Loren is a Digital Strategist and Screenplay Competition Consultant with NaFF 2015.


   April 16 – 25, 2015