Nashville Film Festival Announces Shorts in Competition
Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Nashville Film Festival Announces Shorts in Competition

Nashville, TN —  The Nashville Film Festival announced the 186 shorts films selected for competition from the 4,246 films submitted. Of the selected films, 42 will make their World, North American or US Premieres. Winners in the Narrative, Animated and Documentary Shorts Competitions will qualify for consideration for the 2017 Academy Awards®, provided the film otherwise complies with the Academy rules.

Last year’s winner for Best Animated Short, BORROWED TIME, went on to receive an Academy Award® nomination. This year’s winners will be announced at an award ceremony on Sunday April, 23rd. The 47th Nashville Film Festival will take place April 20-29.



4:15PM The End Of The World / Romania (Director: Gabi Virginia Șarga | Cătălin Rotaru) — A courier takes a hitchhiker on the road. When the hitchhiker warns him that the end of the world is around the corner, the courier labels him as crazy, without knowing this accidental encounter will change his life forever.  North American Premiere

After the Ashes / France (Director: Eduardo Sosa Soria) — I came back to life. I feel like having you. North American Premiere

Allegory of the Jam Jar / Belgium (Director: Boris Kuijpers | Ruth Mellaerts) — Hans is a thriving 50-year old businessman, until a crack appears on the perfect walls of his home. Southeast US Premiere

American Paradise / USA (Director: Joe Talbot) — A forgotten man in Trump’s America attempts to shift his fate with the perfect crime. Inspired by true events. Tennessee Premiere

Anatomy / Sweden (Director: Patrik Eklund) — An anatomical PowerPoint presentation about why a man has become the way he is. North American Premiere

Apolo81 / Spain (Director: Óscar Bernàcer) — No risk, no love. Tennessee Premiere

The Bathtub / Austria | Germany (Director: Tim Ellrich) — Three brothers plan to re-enact an old bathtub photo from their childhood as a present for their mother, but it proves to be more complicated than anticipated. Tennessee Premiere

A Beautiful Day / USA (Director: Phedon Papamichael) — Gene gets up day after day and follows the same monotonous routine that he has lived since the death of his wife ten years earlier. Today, however, he awakens with a new determination and a new resolve that will change the course of everything. Tennessee Premiere

Berlin Metanoia / Germany (Director: Erik Schmitt) — An escaped bear mingles with the colourful, diverse characters that populate Berlin. Southeast US Premiere

The Blondes / Spain (Director: Carlota Martínez Pereda) — Blonde. Stunning. Criminals. Nothing gets between Marta and Pepa and their goal…except another blonde. Based on a true story. Tennessee Premiere

Break / UK (Director: Nicholas Moss) — A deeply affecting and beautiful drama starring multi award winning, and twice Oscar nominated actor Sir John Hurt, which deals with difficult and pertinent issues. A wonderfully human film with a huge heart. North American Premiere

Chicken / Egg / UK (Director: James D’Arcy) — Mark’s gonna help his uncle out. Maybe. Tennessee Premiere

Cold Storage / Finland (Director: Thomas Freundlich) — On a desolate arctic shore, a lonely fisherman discovers his prehistoric counterpart frozen in the ice, and thaws him out as his newfound soul brother. A wild all-night party ensues, but in the harsh light of the morning he must once again confront his own loneliness and dependency, even questioning the reality surrounding him. Southeast US Premiere

The Committee / Finland | Norway | Sweden (Director: Gunhild Enger | Jenni Toivoniemi) — Three delegates from Sweden, Norway and Finland are gathered in Lapland to decide on an art piece, which is to be placed where the three borders meet geographically. But the committee is in for a surprise. Instead of a sculpture, the commissioned artist presents his idea of a “Nordic Dance”. Southeast US Premiere

Cul-De-Sac / USA (Director: Damon Russell) — Two parents, living in a quiet cul-de-sac, discover a wiretap hidden inside their son’s teddy bear. Tennessee Premiere

DeKalb Elementary / USA (Director: Reed Van Dyk) — Inspired by a 911 call placed during a school shooting incident in Atlanta, Georgia. Southeast US Premiere

Emma / Canada (Director: Martin Edralin) — 14-year-old Emma struggles to hide her alopecia, a condition of rapid, unpredictable hair loss. Fighting a futile battle against her changing appearance, her only hope is acceptance. Southeast US Premiere

Flesh of My Flesh / South Africa (Director: Matthys Boshoff) — Twelve years after a car accident, a jovial man and his quadriplegic wife celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary. Despite the humor, romance and selfless love they are forced to face the truth of their broken relationship. Southeast US Premiere

Fluffy / USA (Director: Sarah Ramos) — Grace has been crushing on Mark Mason for a while. When he asks her to watch his cat over the weekend, she is delighted at the opportunity to view his life — and apartment — up close. Tennessee Premiere

Ford Clitaurus / USA (Director: MP Cunningham) — An aspiring artist struggles to find his voice, his sexual identity, and the meaning of creativity. Southeast US Premiere

Fry Day / USA (Director: Laura Moss) — An adolescent girl comes of age against the backdrop of serial killer Ted Bundy’s execution in 1989. Southeast US Premiere

A Funeral for Lightning / Canada (Director: Emily Kai Bock) — A young women begins to see through the promises made by her charismatic husband. US Premiere

Gridlock / Ireland (Director: Ian Hunt Duffy) — When a little girl goes missing during a traffic jam, her father forms a desperate search party to find her. Soon everyone is a suspect. Southeast US Premiere

Home / USA (Director: Russell Simpson) — A woman returns to her marital home with her parole officer after serving a twenty year prison sentence. Southeast US Premiere

Hot Seat / USA (Director: Anna Kerrigan) — Teen Andrea uses a male stripper to gain the respect and admiration of cool girl Daphne. Based on a true story. Tennessee Premiere

Import / Netherlands (Director: Ena Sendijarević) — A young Bosnian refugee family ends up in a small village in the Netherlands after getting a residence permit in 1994. Absurd situations arise as they are trying to make this new world their home. Tennessee Premiere

Imposter / Canada (Director: Adam Goldhammer) — A teenager isolated on her family’s maple syrup farm investigates her mother’s eerie behaviour following the unexplained disappearance of her father. Nashville Premiere

It’s Been Like A Year / USA (Director: Cameron Fay) — A sexually stifled young man gets dressed up and procures a motel room in order to rendezvous with an attractive young woman. Southeast US Premiere

Laps / USA (Director: Charlotte Wells) — On a routine morning, a woman on a crowded New York City subway is sexually assaulted in plain sight. Tennessee Premiere

Leave of Absence / Israel (Director: Moshe Rosenthal) — A chance encounter with his former students plunges a middle aged history teacher into a night of pure rebellion. North American Premiere

Lemonade Mafia / USA (Director: Anya Adams) — LEMONADE MAFIA is the story of a young girl pursuing the dream every young girl has, to work in citrus. But what happens when you control all the blocks to 12th street and Pink Lemonade shows up on 13th? Southeast US Premiere

Lightningface / USA (Director: Brian Petsos) — An origin story, of sorts—LIGHTNINGFACE stars Oscar Isaac as Basil Stitt, who in the aftermath of an inexplicable incident, decides to sequester himself inside his apartment, setting the stage for a profound transformation. Tennessee Premiere

Lorne / Australia (Director: Jesse Leaman) — Lorne, a wasteland traveller dealing with the oppressing boundaries of isolation, is confronted by a mysterious stranger, who helps him realise his existential fears. Southeast US Premiere

Lucia, Before and After / USA (Director: Anu Valia) — After traveling 200 miles, a young woman waits out Texas’s state-mandated 24-hour waiting period before her abortion can proceed. Southeast US Premiere

Mariner / Canada (Director: Thyrone Tommy) — A young marine navigation student suffers intense anxiety during his final exams when an incident from his past return to both haunt and help him. Tennessee Premiere

Midwinter / USA (Director: Jake Mahaffy) — A pregnant woman returns to her family’s empty cabin to spend time alone, only to find her estranged mother already waiting for her. What begins as a tentative reunion on the shortest day of the year quickly turns dark. North American Premiere

Mutants / Canada (Director: Alexandre Dostie) — In the summer of 1996, life throws a curveball in the face of Keven Guenette. Southeast US Premiere

Noro / United Kingdom (Director: Duncan Roe) — Caitlin is having therapy to cope with the loss of her son but is becoming increasingly more paranoid about those around her. A simple accident leads her to a truth that nothing can prepare her for. Southeast US Premiere

Oh What a Wonderful Feeling / Canada (Director: François Jaros) — Stars, hide your fires, let not light see my black and deep desires. Nor any truck. Tennessee Premiere

Oma / USA (Director: Daniella Rabbani) — In order to complete her thesis, a young PhD candidate must film the Holocaust testimony of her estranged grandmother, but it’s not always clear who is interviewing whom. World Premiere

On The Roof / Spain (Director: Damià Serra) — It’s summer time and, every afternoon, a group of friends spy on a sunbathing girl, but one of them is spying on someone else. Tennessee Premiere

Penalty / Italy (Director: Aldo Iuliano) — A group of guys play football in the middle of nowhere. At stake is much more than a simple victory. Southeast US Premiere

Penelope in the Treehouse / USA (Director: Jonathan Langager) — Unwilling to share the house with her annoying new stepfather – or his bratty kids – Penelope feeds magic plant food to the tree holding her treehouse. There she stays, happily above the clouds and far away from her troubles….until she realizes there’s no way down. Nashville Premiere

Perfect Roast Potatoes / USA (Director: Nick Frew) — Centered around a British family spending Christmas with a corpse, Perfect Roast Potatoes is a bittersweet film about grief and cooking. Southeast US Premiere

Pizza Night / USA (Director: Aaron Fronk) — Thirty-six-year old Benjamin Lewis takes his parents out for their annual pizza night. World Premiere

The Plumber / Belguim (Director: Xavier Séron | Méryl Fortunat-Rossi) — Tom, a Flemish comedian used to doing cartoon character’s voices, finds himself in the studio of a pornographic french speaking film. Catherine, an experienced actress, will be his partner. Tom will play the plumber. US Premiere

Samedi Cinema / Senegal (Director: Mamadou Dia) — In a small town in the north of Senegal, two young avid cinephiles Baba and Sembene are desperate to see a movie on the big screen of their local cinema before it closes its door forever. US Premiere

The Silence / Italy (Director: Ali Asgari | Farnoosh Samadi) — Fatma and her mother are Kurdish refugees in Italy. On their visit to the doctor, Fatma has to translate what the doctor tells to her mother but she keeps silent. Tennessee Premiere

Skin Deep / United Kingdom (Director: Tim Willrich) — Obsessed by appearance, a woman applies mysterious cream to help reignite her stagnant marriage. But when her skin peels away, her obsession soon turns his fantasy into a nightmare. World Premiere

Spilt Milk / United Kingdom (Director: James Dunstan) — An unconventional love story between two teens leading up to the night of their high school prom as they begin to understand the differences and similarities of love, sex and gender. Tennessee Premiere

The Sub / USA (Director: Daniel Samiljan) — A reluctant substitute teacher uncovers the evil underbelly of a seemingly perfect school. Will she survive high school a second time? North American Premiere

Submarine / Lebanon (Director: Mounia Akl) — Under the imminent threat of Lebanon’s 2015 garbage crisis, Hala, a wild child inside of a woman, is the only one to refuse evacuation, clinging to whatever remains of home. Tennessee Premiere

Thank you Mister Imada / France (Director: Sylvain Chomet) — On a film set, four young actors wait, feverishly, for famed director Mirko Imada. In the center of the room, on a big bed, two technicians lay down the body of a lifeless man. Action! North American Premiere

Tiger / Spain (Director: Aina Clotet) — In every relationship, there are wonderful, tender and desperate moments. Losing your pet when you are waiting for your first baby can trigger them all at once. North American Premiere

Time to Love / France (Director: Pierre Ferriere) — Gilles is a madly jealous guy. When his girlfriend, Lucie, cancels their date, he is convinced that she’s having an affair. He rings her door at midnight to know the truth. But is he ready for this? Southeast US Premiere

To Be Free / USA (Director: Adepero Oduye) — In a tiny after-hours club, Nina Simone finds a way, for one moment, to be free. Tennessee Premiere

The Tunnel / Norway (Director: André Øvredal) — An overcrowded future. A terrible solution. A family stuck in traffic jam. Tennessee Premiere

What Tears Us Apart / France (Director: Hu Wei) — After a long seperation, an encounter. Two families. One child. Southeast US Premiere

Wig Shop / USA (Director: Kat Coiro) — Chaya, ‎an orthodox Jewish women, visits a wig shop in an unfamiliar side of town searching for something. After befriending the shopowner, Chaya discovers that nothing is as it seems. Tennessee Premiere

Yes, God, Yes / USA (Director: Karen Maine) — Fifteen-year-old Alice has always been a good Catholic, but when an innocent AOL chat turns unexpectedly racy, she finds herself suddenly obsessed with masturbating. World Premiere


(Otto) / Netherlands (Director: Marieke Blaauw | Joris Oprins | Job Roggeveen) — A childless woman steals a girl’s imaginary friend. Tennessee Premiere

Absence of Eddy Table / Norway (Director: Rune Spaans) — What if your worst fear and your greatest love turn out to be the same thing? Lost in a dark forest, Eddy Table stumbles upon a mysterious girl and dangerous parasites. Tennessee Premiere

Adam / Denmark | Lithuania | Bulgaria | Sweden | United Kingdom (Director: Veselin Efremov) — In a dystopian future, organic body is a privilege easy to lose. A convict awakens to the grim reality of having been transferred into a mechanical shell. Southeast US Premiere

The Bald Future / France (Director: Paul Cabon) — Being a bald man sucks. Knowing you’ll become one is worse. Nashville Premiere

Confined / Italy (Director: Nico Bonomolo) — Sicily, fascist period. A shadow show performer is confined in an island with a lighthouse because during one of his show he uses his art to make fun of Mussolini. A fortuitous event along with his art will redeem him from loneliness and captivity. Southeast US Premiere

E Is For Evolution / Germany (Director: Paul Kusmaul) — Was all life on earth created by God or was it just randomly developed by nature through a method we call evolution. And what about the future? Will humans and machines merge together in one new lifeform? A small ABC of evolution. Tennessee Premiere

Fox and the Whale / Canada (Director: Robin Joseph) — The tale of a curious fox who goes in search of an elusive whale. A journey of pursuit, longing and discovery. Nashville Premiere

Garden Party / France (Director: Florian Babikian | Vincent Bayoux | Victor Caire | Théophile Dufresne | Gabriel Grapperon | Lucas Navarro) — In a deserted rich house, a couple of amphibians explore their surroundings and follow their primal instinct. Nashville Premiere

Gokurosama / France (Director: Clémentine Frère | Aurore Gal) — Early in the morning in a Japanese shopping center, a shopkeeper gets stuck. In order to help her, her young employee decides to cross the shopping center with her. Southeast US Premiere

Here’s the Plan / Chile (Director: Fernanda Frick) — A 3D animated short film about a cat & dog couple that loves baking and loves each other. World Premiere

I Was a Winner / Sweden (Director: Jonas Odell) — In the semblances of their avatars, three people tell us about their experiences with their gaming addiction. They paint a picture of an existence characterized by isolation and flight response, but also by revenge and romanticism. North American Premiere

Jonas and the Sea / Netherlands (Director: Marlies van der Wel) — Jonas has dreamed of living in the sea all his life, but it’s not possible. Or is it? Tennessee Premiere

Jubilee / France (Director: Coralie Soudet | Charlotte Piogé | Marion Duvert | Marion El Kadiri | Agathe Marmion) — Life is not that quiet for the royal dog and a royal guard. Nashville Premiere

Kaputt/Broken – The Woman’s Prison at Hoheneck / Germany (Director: Volker Schlecht | Alexander Lahl) — Based on interviews with former prisoners, this animated documentary provides a glimpse into the most notorious women’s prison in East Germany. A film about political imprisonment, forced labour, and enormous profits on both sides of the Iron Curtain. Tennessee Premiere

The Last Bastion / USA (Director: Ben Dai | Jeff Chamberlain) — A curious robot investigates its unfamiliar surroundings, but discovers that its core programming once had a different directive.

Minou / France (Director: Laura Joy Jourdan | Mathilde Marion | Margaux Lanusse-Cazalé | Laura Trouche | Agathe Trebosc | Laure Feraud) – In an old woman’s house, a cat toys with a cockroach. But for what purpose? Southeast US Premiere

Money Time / France (Director: Ludovic Houplain) — A journey to the farthest reaches of the steppe and outer space Nashville Premiere

Nowhere Line: Voices from Manus Island / Australia (Director: Lukas Schrank) — Two asylum-seeking men detained in Australia’s Manus Island Offshore Processing Centre recount the dangerous journeys that brought them to the island and their memories of the riot that erupted in 2014.

Planet Unknown / China (Director: Shawn Wang) — At the end of 21st century, mankind faces global resource depletion and sends space rovers to find potential habitable planets. Tennessee Premiere

Portrait of a Wind-up Maker / Spain (Director: Dario Perez Moreno) — Chema is an expat architect from Spain who lives in Amsterdam. He has built up a new life there as a wind-up toy maker. Nashville Premiere

Pussy / Poland (Director: Renata Gasiorowska) — A young girl spends the evening alone at home. She decides to have a sweet solo pleasure session, but not everything goes according to plan. Tennessee Premiere

Satie’s “Parade” / Japan (Director: Koji Yamamura) — A Parade for 3 managers & 4 performers. Mixing quotes from French composer Erik Satie’s essays with the music Parade, this is an animated re-creation of realist ballet images going beyond reality. Tennessee Premiere

Second to None / Ireland (Director: Vincent Gallagher) — Frederick Butterfield has always been runner up to his twin brother Herman. When Herman, the older by a mere minute, becomes the world’s oldest man, Frederick finally sees an opportunity to be first place. Tennessee Premiere

The Sparrow’s Flight / USA (Director: Tom Schroeder) — Tom Schroeder’s last collaboration with his dead friend Dave Herr. Tennessee Premiere

Spring Jam / New Zealand (Director: Ned Wenlock) — A young stag, lacking impressive antlers, knows he needs to improvise sweet music if he’s to have any chance during the mating season. North American Premiere

Summer Camp Island / USA (Director: Julia Pott) — Oscar has to accept that his totally normal sleepover with Hedgehog isn’t going to be totally normal. Tennessee Premiere

Summer’s Puke is Winter’s Delight / Japan (Director: Sawako Kabuki) — Painful events become memories over time. Still. We vomit and eat again. Life is Eco. Tennessee Premiere

The Talk – True Stories About the Birds & the Bees / Canada (Director: Alain Delannoy) — There are things in life you never forget. One of them, like it or not, is “The Talk”. Tennessee Premiere

Way of Giants / Brazil (Director: Alois Di Leo) — Oquirá, a six-year-old indigenous girl, as she confronts the cycle of life and the concept of destiny. Southeast US Premiere

When I Hear the Birds Sing / Norway (Director: Trine Vallevik Håbjørg) — Five children who fled Ivory Coast when war broke out there after the 2010 presidential election talk about their hopes and dreams for the future. Southeast US Premiere


4 Quarters of Silence / USA (Director: Cody Broadway) — For every snap, hit, pass and run, the Texas School for the Deaf’s football team tackles a unique challenge. Southeast US Premiere

The Arkansas Wild Man / USA (Director: Nathan Willis) — An 87-year-old rock and roll pioneer who lives a life of obscurity in his small Arkansas hometown travels overseas to England to play one final concert for his passionate and loyal fanbase there. Southeast US Premiere

The Collection / USA (Director: Adam Roffman) — Two friends stumble upon the mother lode of movie memorabilia.

Exiled / USA | Mexico (Director: Mike Seely) — Following their military service for the United States, two veterans are deported to Mexico: Mauricio Hernandez, an army combat veteran, struggles to find adequate treatment for his severe PTSD, while Hector Barajas, former paratrooper, fights to reunite with his daughter in LA, and raise awareness about deported veterans. Southeast US Premiere

Fig’s Representation / USA (Director: Jonathan Napolitano) — Artist Joe Fig, documents his visits of other artists’ studios by recreating them in miniature sculpture form. Southeast US Premiere

Frans Lanting: The Evolution of LIFE / USA (Director: Steven Kochones) — National Geographic photographer Frans Lanting and his epic “LIFE” project present a stunning interpretation of life on Earth from the Big Bang through the present. Tennessee Premiere

Gut Hack / USA (Director: Mario Furloni | Kate McLean) — A former NASA scientist turned bio-hacker attempts an experiment that makes him confront the multitudes inside. Tennessee Premiere

Happy Birthday Philando Castile / USA (Director: Mohammad Gorjestani) — Less than two weeks after Philando Castile was shot and killed by a police officer, his closest friends gather to mourn and remember Philando on what would have been his 33rd Birthday. North American Premiere

High Chaparral / Sweden (Director: David Freid) — A theme park celebrating America’s mythic Wild West in wintery Sweden becomes a welcoming home for refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war. Tennessee Premiere

Lost & Found / USA (Director: Naomi Iwamoto) — Three sassy, senior widows cope with the loss of their husbands and find new meaning in their lives. Southeast US Premiere

The Man is the Music / USA (Director: Maris Curran) — The artist and musician Lonnie Holley is a product of the environment in which he was raised – Jim Crow Alabama – and his work reflects the impact of being socially discarded. Southeast US Premiere

The Moderators / India | USA (Director: Adrian Chen | Ciaran Cassidy) — A group of new employees at a consultancy in India are trained in their responsibilities as the moderating backbone of the Internet. Southeast US Premiere

Moriom / Switzerland | Bangladesh (Director: Francesca Scalisi | Mark Olexa) — Moriom, a beautiful but strange young woman, says her parents must be punished for holding her prisoner and torturing her. They have a different story. Tennessee Premiere

Nobody Dies Here / France | Benin (Director: Simon Panay) — The working conditions in a gold mine in Benin are far more dangerous than official accounts indicate. Tennessee Premiere

Project X / USA (Director: Laura Poitras | Henrik Moltke) — Narrated by Rami Malek and Michelle Williams, and based on classified NSA documents, PROJECT X reveals the inner workings of a windowless skyscraper in downtown Manhattan. Southeast US Premiere

Refugee / USA (Director: Emily Moore| Joyce Chen) — A West African woman leaves her five children in 2003 in order to come to the US and provide them with a better future. Tennessee Premiere

The Streets Are Ours: Two Lives Cross in Karachi / USA | Pakistan (Director: Michelle Fiordaliso) — When Fawzia Mirza, an American actress, meets Sabeen Mahmud, a world-renowned Pakistani activist and founder of a progressive cafe (T2F) in Karachi, her life changes forever. World Premiere

Ten Meter Tower / Sweden (Director: Axel Danielson | Maximilien Van Aertryck) — A 10-meter diving tower. The situation itself highlights a curious dilemma: to weigh the instinctive fear of making the dive against the humiliation of having to climb down.

Waiting for Hassana / Nigeria (Director: Ifunanya Maduka) — In 2014, 276 teenage girls came together for exams in Chibok, Nigeria — by dawn, nearly all had disappeared and their school was burned to the ground. Jessica, an escapee, shares her haunting account of a friendship violently interrupted by Boko Haram. Southeast US Premiere

Well Groomed / USA (Director: Rebecca Stern) — WELL GROOMED is a psychedelically hued journey into the colorful world of competitive creative dog grooming – diving deep into the passion these specialized groomers bring to their competitions. Tennessee Premiere


Best of Luck with the Wall / USA | Mexico (Director: Josh Begley) — A voyage across the US-Mexico border, stitched together from 200,000 satellite images.

The Boyg / Norway (Director: Kristian Pedersen) — The Boyg is the voice within that whispers go around, preventing you from facing yourself, suffocating progress and initiative. US Premiere

Edge of Alchemy / USA (Director: Stacey Steers) — In this handmade collage film, the silent-era actors Mary Pickford and Janet Gaynor return, seamlessly appropriated from their films of the 1920’s and thrust into a surreal epic with an upending of the Frankenstein story. Southeast US Premiere

Étude 1a: Release (I) / USA (Director: Russell Sheaffer | Aaron Michael Smith) — Exploring the musical concept of “release,” this film is a haunting found-footage study in the plurality of visual and auditory meanings of the term.

Hallo Mabuse / Austria (Director: Dietmar Brehm) — Something is running out, and in doing so, is  already reaching its end. US Premiere

Honky Tonky / USA (Director: John Warren) — Supported in part by the Tennessee Art Commission, HONKY TONKY was shot on 16mm film in the shadow of the Ryman Auditorium on Lower Broadway, a section of Nashville that has for decades attracted country music fans to its honky tonk bars. World Premiere

In, Over & Out / Austria | France (Director: Sebastian Brameshuber) — Sebastian Brameshuber´s IN, OVER & OUT is a technically ambitious, aesthetically assaultive tribute to the Lumière Brothers´ WORKERS LEAVING THE FACTORY. US Premiere

Process: Breath / Norway (Director: Line Klungseth Johansen) — A chemical love story. Southeast US Premiere

The Reflection of Power / France (Director: Mihai Grecu) — In the most secret capital of the world, a crowd attends a show while a disaster threatens the whole city. Southeast US Premiere

Regal / USA (Director: Karissa Hahn) — An old Regal Cinemas pre-show animation is further degraded as it’s run through a ringer of format transfers, each layer representing a different viewing space. Southeast US Premiere

This Is Yates / USA (Director: Josh Yates) — THIS IS YATES is a reflexive analog-elegy that hates itself. Presented through a collage of serene and violent home movies, it invites the viewer to question not only the ways in which we shape identity via fragmented media, but also the processes through which we construct memory and deal with personal trauma. Tennessee Premiere


The Alan Dimension / UK (Director: Jac Clinch) — Alan Brown uses divine powers of precognition to foresee the fate of mankind…and breakfast. Meanwhile, Wendy has had enough of being married to ‘the next step in cognitive evolution’. Tennessee Premiere

Angst / UK (Director: Rory Gibson) — In the aftermath of a violent anti-immigration protest, a teenage boy is confronted with the consequences of his actions. World Premiere

Emily Must Wait / Germany (Director: Christian Wittmoser) — When Europe turns to chaos, Emily must hold out in her apartment. US Premiere

Eye for an Eye / Germany (Director: Steve Bache | Mahyar Goudarzi | Louise Peter) — Frederick Baer spent over a decade on death row in Indiana State Prison. He is still waiting for his death penalty to be executed. Southeast US Premiere

The Art of Not Appearing / Norway (Director: Pernille Rivedal Hellevik) After years of solitude and obsession, two ghosts cross paths and are forced to question their reasons for haunting.

The French Revolution / Israel (Director: Hai Afik) — A noisy disturbance from some youths on the street erupts into Noni and Tamar’s home, shattering their evening. The frightening scenario that follows raises ethical questions for both of them that will test their relationship to the limit. Southeast US Premiere

I’m Free / Norway (Director: Edvard Karijord) — An intimate documentary about Geir Karijord, his disappearance and its tragic effect on his family. North American Premiere

Kryo / Germany (Director: Christoph Heimer) — David tries to cheat the death of his wife Evelyn through the help of cryonics. When they wake up from cryo sleep in the far future, they find themselves to be alone and trapped inside a deserted cryo facility. But even after hundreds of years David has to learn the hard way that death is an undeniable part of life. Tennessee Premiere

Night / USA (Director: Joosje Duk) — When Sue’s cousin Genelva visits from abroad, she hopes a night out with her friends will connect two different parts of her life. Tennessee Premiere

Nisha and Sealo / USA (Director: Amy Hudkins) — A girl and a magic seal order a pizza. Tennessee Premiere

The Noise of Licking / Hungary (Director: Nadja Andrasev) — A woman is being watched every day by the neighbor’s cat, as she takes care of her exotic plants. Their perverted ritual comes to an end when the cat disappears. Next spring a peculiar man pays her a visit. Tennessee Premiere

Rosario / Mexico (Director: Marlén Ríos) — Rosario sees her days go by under the yoke of her responsibility as caregiver for her ill husband. A struggle has begun between her duty and her own desires. Southeast US Premiere

A Test / China (Director: Zuxiang Zhao) — In a small-town high school, days before the college entrance exam, teacher Chen Jun finds out that the father of his most promising student has died in a mining accident. Telling him—or not—bears heavy consequences. Southeast US Premiere

Whatever the Weather / Switzerland (Director: Remo Scherrer) — Wally’s life is increasingly turned upside down by her mother’s alcohol addiction. Helplessness, excessive demands and desperation shape her childhood – a daily struggle for survival. Southeast US Premiere


Animals Animals Animals / USA (Director: Dave Ogle) — A depressed house husband decides to take a journey into the unknown world of his own backyard. Three homeless men give him drugs and maybe a reason to go on. World Premiere

Be Brave, Be Strong / USA (Director: Micah Russell) — A view into the life of a young boy with pediatric cancer as he balances a normal life with chemotherapy. World Premiere

Broke Dick Dog / USA (Director: GB Shannon) — Three newly acquainted brothers track down and confront their absent and unapologetic father. Nashville Premiere

Death$ in a $mall Town / USA (Director: Mark Jones) — A mayor has a unique way to revive the fortunes of his small town that had been losing citizens, businesses and tourist prior to his taking office. Nashville Premiere

Dust to Dust / USA (Director: Joel Edwards | Jesse Edwards) — “Dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.” In this experimental / elemental / fashion short film, we explore visual & sonic interpretations of origination; and our inherent destiny of returning to that from which we came. Nashville Premiere

A Far / USA (Director: Drew Maynard) — A young woman and her father explore the remains of a burnt building. World Premiere

H.P. Lovecraft’s The Beast in the Cave / USA (Director: Cameron McCasland) — An adaptation of one of H.P. Lovecrafts earliest stories which finds a man hopelessly lost while exploring the Mammoth Cave system. Darkness brings a unknown fear. Nashville Premiere

Knock Knock / USA (Director: David Shamban) — A paranoid shut-in hears a knock at the door, and can only come to dark and comedic conclusions about who – or what – is on the other side. Delusions and a little science ensue. World Premiere

Lessons in Accidental Magic / USA (Director: Motke Dapp) — Enamored with a girl he frequently sees at dinner parties, Liam attempts to win her heart by teaching himself to cook from a cookbook he finds at a rather unusual library. The recipes are unorthodox and the results are quite unexpected. Southeast US Premiere

Little Kurdistan / USA (Director: Ava Lowrey) — Just off Nolensville Pike on the southern outskirts of Nashville lies Little Kurdistan—a thriving community of Kurdish immigrants and new generations of Kurdish-Americans. Little Kurdistan explores this community through the stories of four residents. Tennessee Premiere

The Little Stage / USA (Director: Will Berry) — Bon Aqua, Tennessee – an abandoned building is on the verge of collapse until an old tape is found, revealing its historical significance. Nashville Premiere

Lives Restarted / USA (Director: Waheed AlQawasmi) — From the Holocaust to Memphis: Stories of courage and resilience. Nashville Premiere

Martha / USA (Director: Taylor Burgess) – A lifelong songwriter and musician, Martha Starin, a 92-year-old, has always dreamed of recording the songs she has written. So that’s exactly what we did. World Premiere

McMurphy / USA (Director: Charles Dillon Ward) — One afternoon during detention, a left-handed student stands up to a right-handed teacher. World Premiere

Millennium Girl / USA (Director: Grayson Propst) — On New Year’s Eve of 1999, Jane attends a party despite her parents’ wishes and irrational fear of the Y2K computer crisis. World Premiere

Prelude / USA (Director: Isaiah Stratton) — With the help of an intuitive therapist and the love of a woman that he does not remember, a damaged musician fights through the loss of his memory. World Premiere

The Rugby Boys of Memphis / USA (Director: David Darg) — At an inner city high school in south Memphis, Tennessee, an unlikely sport has arisen, and with it a team of untapped potential. Nashville Premiere

The Sacred Disease / USA (Director: Erica Scoggins) — Reeling from the death of her brother and oppressed by the medication meant to cure her, a small town epileptic ditches her pills and follows a mysterious woman into the deep woods of Tennessee. Southeast US Premiere

Still Sophie / USA (Director: Caroline Knight) — Four and a half years ago, young talent Sophia Salveson’s life changed forever. Doctors said she may never walk again, may never talk again…may never perform again. They were wrong. Tennessee Premiere

Take It All The Way / USA (Director: Cody Rogers) — When two people try to interview for a job at a real estate agency, they both do what they can to get the job.

To Those Who Doubt / USA (Director: Joel Edwards | Jesse Edwards) — Using incredibly unique & rare high speed underwater photography, the film points to the fragility of humanity; the message calls to those who doubt themselves, doubt their worth, or doubt what they are capable of. Nashville Premiere

The Wilkinson Family Band / USA (Director: Manuel Lagos) — In order to pay for their stay at a motel while on tour, Bob Wilkinson and his homeschool family band must sing a few songs. But keeping the band together proves harder than usual as Bob finally learns to be a father, not a front man. Nashville Premiere

Your Baby Is Most Certainly the Size of Some Kind of Fruit / USA (Director: Hillary Good) — Your baby is the size of a blueberry. And a sweet pea. And a pumpkin. Journey into the miracle of life in this entirely handmade stop-motion short adapted from a McSweeney’s article. US Premiere


Actual Food Porn / USA (Director: Andrew Callaway) — The hashtag #foodporn has become one of the most prevalent of our time. Yet, more often than not, it’s used to tag a photo of a semi-fancy looking meal just lying there on a plate, definitely not having sex with anything. This is what actual food porn looks like. World Premiere

Cabinet in the Woods / USA (Director: Andrew Schwarz) — While searching for his missing dog in the middle of the woods, Carl stumbles upon something incredibly bizarre; a brand new cabinet mysteriously placed in the woods. His curiosity leads to unspeakable horrors that only his wife has a chance of stopping! Southeast US Premiere

Cake / USA (Director: Anne Hu) — Eliza tries to explore her sexuality with her husband by ordering a seemingly human female sex robot. Be careful what you wish for. Southeast US Premiere

The Call of Charlie / USA (Director: Nick Spooner) — A trendy Los Angeles couple sets up a blind date for two of their friends, one of whom is an ancient evil deity vibrating with pure malice.  On the evening of the rendezvous, two interlopers unexpectedly arrive at dinner to make the situation all the more awkward. Nashville Premiere

Dawn of the Deaf / United Kingdom (Director: Rob Savage) — When a strange sound wipes out the hearing population, a small group of deaf people must band together to survive. Southeast US Premiere

Death Metal / USA (Director: Chris McInroy) — A metalhead, his satanic guitar and carnage. Nashville Premiere

First Like / Sweden (Director: Alexander Ronnberg) — First to Like – First to Die Southeast US Premiere

Ghosting the Party / USA (Director: Carlos Alberto Fernandez Lopez) — A gang of gal pals conjure up a frenzy at a Halloween party after a drug-fueled dare exposes the true nature of a mysterious guest. World Premiere

Hand Fart / USA (Director: Stanley Wong | Travis Ashkenasy) — A young man’s survival is left in his own hands. Southeast US Premiere

Humbug / USA (Director: Matt Thiesen | Justin Lee) — Feeling it’s her duty to share the joy of the Christmas season, Betty takes her goth neighbor, Scarlet, hostage. Nashville Premiere

I Am the Doorway / Czech Republic (Director: Robin Kašpařík) — A man is trapped in a spaceship with a strange virus growing inside him, altering his mind. To save himself he must take drastic action. Southeast US Premiere

Leonarda / Italy (Director: Luca Brinciotti) — The true story of the serial killer Leonarda Cianciulli, known as the ‘Soap-Maker of Correggio’. Southeast US Premiere

Light Up The Night / USA (Director: Matt Sundin | Caspar Newbolt) — In an Orwellian, futuristic 1980’s, two dissidents take aim at the city’s looming, panoptic control tower. Southeast US Premiere

Pearlies / Luxembourg (Director: Pascal Thiebaux | Gil Pinheiro) — What if the tooth fairy isn’t a benevolent and generous character… What if it is actually a neurotic psychopathic mouse obsessing about its collection of dental trophies? Tennessee Premiere

Phobia / USA (Director: Chris Barron) — The fear isn’t in your head, it’s on your skin. World Premiere

Piano Lessons / USA (Director: Stephen James Tuplin) — A young man signs up for a free piano lesson, but the true cost may be his soul. Tennessee Premiere

The Push / USA (Director: Will Joines) — After witnessing a random act of violence on the New York City subway, a young woman’s daily commute becomes a minefield of dark anxieties both real and imagined. Southeast US Premiere

Redwings / USA (Director: Allen Blackwell) — A boy adopts a dog to pick up women. World Premiere

Spell Claire / USA (Director: Greg Emetaz) — Claire purchases an antique educational toy that reignites fond memories from childhood and lays bare the sorry state her life is now in. Southeast US Premiere

Time Quest / USA (Director: John Dilley) — The year is 2047. Humanity is on the verge of extinction and the only chance for survival rests on one man’s shoulders. Unfortunately, he has other plans. Southeast US Premiere

Venefica / USA (Director: Maria Wilson) — A young modern-day witch must endure the mystical rite of passage that determines whether her abilities will be used for good or for evil. Southeast US Premiere


Believed in Me / USA (Director: McKenzie Chaffins | Lizzy Thomas) — Juliet’s sick grandfather, Artie, teaches her the essence of what it means to be a real super hero. World Premiere

The Best Laid Plans / USA (Director: Avi Abrams) — A teenage boy tries to buy an essential item for a special night with his girlfriend. Initially not up to the challenge of making the purchase, he has to relive the moment until he can perfect it. Southeast US Premiere

Façade / Canada (Director: Carol Nguyen) — A metaphorical exploration of how human connection still exists within a flawed system. Southeast US Premiere

Images / USA (Director: Dean Parker) — A high school senior finds there’s more value to her than meets the eye after being photographed by one of her classmates. Nashville Premiere

Jouska / USA (Director: Wynter Rhys) — An elderly man grapples with the guilt of what he’s done in the strange, whimsical land of his subconscious. Tennessee Premiere

Puget Sound / USA (Director: Jack Nordstrom) — Teenagers find inspiration to make a super 8 movie in the summer of 1980. Southeast US Premiere

Recess / USA (Director: Brett Elam) — Recess! They only give us 15 minutes to play. There is no question that it is the hardest part of the day! World Premiere

Wendy’s Suitors / Australia (Director: Chelsea Taylor) — After a series of messy, unfortunate relationships, Wendy is given the opportunity to meet her match. But, will the series of tests she’s crafted prove he is the one for her? US Premiere


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