Nashville Film Festival Announces Screenwriting Semi-Finalists
Tuesday, March 28, 2017

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                  Media Contact: Mackenzie Robert                 03/27/2017

Nashville, TN – The Nashville Film Festival announces the 210 Semi-Finalists selected for the 4th annual Screenwriting Competition.
The Semi-Finalists were selected from over 1,300 submissions from around the world.  Categories include feature-length screenplays, short screenplays and teleplays. 15 Semi-Finalists were selected for Drama, Comedy, and Teleplay categories, and 10 Semi-Finalists were selected for all other categories. All Semi-Finalists  scored into the Top 15% of submissions. The Finalists for the Screenwriting Competition will be announced Friday, March 24th. This year’s winners will be announced at an award ceremony on Friday, April 28th.
The 48th Nashville Film Festival will take place April 20-29.

Feature-Length Screenplays:

Action/Adventure Feature

Apache Echo – David McCartney

The Dragon Run – Bradley Stryker

Duel of the Immortals – Michael Gibrall

Female Engagement Team – Sarah Hopkins

Fighting Chair – Michael Hayden & Trevor Lee Georgeson

House of the White Bee – Jane Therese

Out of the Woods – Grey Kupiec

OUTLAW – The Personal Justice of Katie Watson – Kylie Garcelon

Shabu – Judah Ray

Virginia Rose and the Lost City of Gold – Bryan Kelsey


Comedy Feature

3 to Die – Mitch Yapko & Allen Rueckert

The Anklebiter – Andrew Jones

Bayou Blues – Lisa Jay

Drag Court – Andy Wells

Fighting Chair – Michael Hayden & Trevor Lee Georgeson

Ladies – Nic Dressel

The Luckiest Man – Baxter Taylor

Marlene the Divine – Josh Barkey

Mel and the Grandma Wannabees – Barbara Albers Jackson

Model Minorities – Christopher Ballesteros

Safety in Numbers – Litza Bixler

Shady Birch – Nichole Kanney

St Just – Daniel Brierley

Tradecraft – Ariel Schmiedhauser

White Tuxedo – Tony Melton


Drama Feature

American Myths of Black & White – Aaron Yarber

Chapter XVII – Jed Arbiol

Departed Harvest – JoDa Hodge

Eucalyptus – Aisling Corristine

The Lost Sock – Tom McIntire

The Low Road – Darren McInerney

Malika – Carlos Mesber

Mickey and the Bear – Annabelle Attanasio

Muted – Brandi Payne

Savage Love – Bernard Smith

Shabu – Judah Ray

They Grow Up – Robin Regensburg

Twit – David Rousseve

War/Love – Hannah Feller

Widow’s Grove – Ivan Kotevski


Family/Animation Feature

Cheat Code Kids – Judah Ray

Clayton Cadaver! – Shayna-Raye Funderburk

Hooked – Timothy Benson

The Moonbeam Fisherman – John Dummer

The Mythfitz – Nicholas Julius

Naughty & Nice – Scott Gray

Off the Hook – John Arvai

Oliver’s Sea Monster – Michael Gibney

The Secret of Banrion Wood – Persephone Vandegrift

The Secret of Shangri-La – Lisa Gold


Historical Feature

At Last – A.W. “Tony” Scott

Bloody Williamson – Sara Caldwell & James Ballowe

Dawn Over Kitty Hawk – Dan Goforth & Jason Wallis

Innocents – Joe Moore

A Man Called White – Randy Hines

Mr. Twain and Collins – Andrew Ruiz

Pieces of Eight – Tommy Wood

Russia Was a Woman – Amy Gerber-Stroh

Soul City – Isaac Green

Strike Out! – Randy Bixby


Inspirational Feature

…Reach for the Sky… – Eric Carlson

3 Feet – Sandra Smith

The Accidental Christmas – Michael Alcorn

Aunt Maddy – Mike Reid

Beauty for Ashes – Princella Smith, Kyle Roark, & Raymund King

The Meanest Man in Texas – Justin Ward & Don Umphrey

The Moonbeam Fisherman – John Dummer

Riding Freedom – Anne Weisenstein

Stubborn – Luann Chappell

That Man Came – Mohsen Azizi


Music-Inspired Feature

Bravado – Adriana Alexandrova

Finding Jane – Virginia Shaffer

The Jack-O-Lanterns – Dan Goforth

LP – Joey Perotti

Queen of the West – Alison Markinson

A Song Unsung – Elise Free

Twit – David Rousseve

Two Birds with One Stoner – Victoria Michaels

What Would Dolly Do? – Kd Amond

Wiltin’ Rose – Seth Newton


Science-Fiction Feature

Alien in My Pocket – Joe Borriello

Apartment 336 – Bryan Kelsey

The Astral Grid – Eduardo Soto-Falcon

Battle for Aurora – Bryan Kelsey

Returners – Eric Steele

Rise of the Phoenix – Ann Williams

Shumu – Evan Cathcart

Silence – Collin Kornfeind

Submergence – Justin Jackson

White Calm – Sid Bodalia


Tennessee Feature

3 Feet – Sandra Smith

Apartment 336 – Bryan Kelsey

Café New York – Katy Chevigny-Smith

Clayton Cadaver – Shayna-Raye Funderburk

Cuyler – Mac Cushing

Happy Birthday Alvin – Wynn Reichert

Shining Star – Jackie Thornton

Virginia Rose and the Lost City of Gold – Bryan Kelsey

What Would Dolly Do? – Kd Amond

Where Three Roads Meet – R. Dale McCarver


Thriller/Horror Feature

American Dream – Charles Ancelle

The Children of San Miani – Randall Willis

Cindy – Alexandru Barbu

Dead Not Comatose – Cameron Chapman

Depart From Me – Brandon Greer

The Piper – Don Henry

The Sand Reckoner – Christopher Colpitts

Santa’s Helper – John Mason

The Sculptor – Kris Lippert

The Twin Within – Gunnar Garrett


Short Screenplays:

Comedy Short

The Amazing Luck of Aunt Carmela – Luis Miguel Arce Romero

Anatomically Modern Human for President – Amanda Martinez

Bakery Ladies – Lorraine Portman

Because You Can – Darla Phillips

Carpool Lane – Giulia Corda

Film Festival Fodder – Jennifer Katz

Homemade – Anna Alaimo

In Shadows – Cooper Justus

La Petite Mort – Anna Alaimo

Life Ain’t a Car Commercial – William Klazura

Machine 5 – Jonny Pasvolsky

Remember Brighton – Michael Gibney

Silver Platter. – Bradley Burton

A Trumpeter’s Tale: My Encounter with Remington – David Roth

Twirling at Ole Miss – John Matthew Tyson


Drama Short

Aloha – Brandi Payne

Bite the Bullet – Ignacio Matias

Del Rio, Texas – Raj Trivedi

Fatty – Tatia Rosenthal

FutureHealth – Sarah Polhaus

Holdenfield – Kevin Brown

Old States – Lain Kienzle

On the Edge – Alia Lundy

Solomon’s Porch – Dana Stringer

Time to Go – Patrick Nash

Unreliable Narrators Anonymous – Sara Cross

Asleep – Mak Abdel-Hair

For Now – John Patishnock

Healing Matters – Nir Shelter

The Lightkeeper – Zach Bandler


Genre Short

Adjust – Parker H. Davis

Chambered – Toby Osborne

Death Takes a Holliday – Tom Wood

Enemy Unseen – Humayun Mirza

Faith Value – Marat Berdyyev

Fly! – Dave Chan

FutureHealth – Sarah Polhaus

Nothing is Free – Rebecca Brillhart

Spare Change – Adam Yuster

Spins and All of the Obsolete – Ben Puleo


Tennessee Short

Balancing Act – Jason K. Allen

Death Takes a Holliday – Tom Wood

Holdenfield – Kevin Brown

The Hostage – George Spradling

The Morning After – Conway Preston

Peace of Art – Chad Morgan

Raven Point – Jason K. Allen

The Seashell – Jason K. Allen

Sex Sells? – Jamie Luna

A Visit with Pearl – Jason K. Allen


Thriller/Horror Short

Are You Loathsome Tonight? – John Burdeaux

Blackout – Dave Chan

FutureHealth – Sarah Polhaus

Gone – David Cramer

Hoops – Thomas Archer

Lighthouse – Jonathan Klemke

Looking for Death – Adrienne Frank

One Child Born – Stuart Creque

That Sound – Steve Spremo

Three Minutes – Ian Cunningham



30-Minute Teleplay

Agent of Influence – Jyllian Petrie

The Agents of Fortune – Mac Cushing

Famously – Joseph Bergren

First Church – Knox McCoy

Green & Grey – Tamika R. Guishard

Hen House – Brett Elam & Josh Logan

Luna – Jessica Rose

Madam Caraveil’s Caravan of Curiosities

Malpractice – Anne Abramowitz

Millennial Rules – Heidi Putallaz

Mobbed – Adam Yuster

Ordained – Charlotte Mayer & Katie Bero

Pickled Red Herring – Jim Norman

Quantum Dreams – Jeffrey Gold

Z-Division – Steve Holinsworth


60-Minute Teleplay

#Blackmail – Christian Spicer

Blood Oath – Jake Bottiglieri

Café Americain – Nicholas Julius

Construction Zone – Jessica Rose

Copperhead – Simon Tatum

The Defenders – Antoine Tardif

Demons – Kevin Burke

Everly – Nicole Donadio

Going Solo – Anne Abramowitz

Gwen and Me – Jay Wright

Halcyon Falls – Jeff Bower

Immortals – Johnny Pickavance

Mile High – Patricia Campbell

Vicarious – Jason Kubik

Virtual Frankenstein – Kristin Johnson


Young Screenwriter Short

The Ascension – Lauren Hudson

Be Okay. – William Shelton

Exhumed – Brittany Johnson

Fishing – Kushal Dhungana

Floating – Zane Swift

Inner Weather – August Markwardt

Mother – Val Jashari

Panda: An Unsual Story – Armin Mahmoudi

Ruth(less) – Lauren Marie Miller

Tough Crowd – Kushal Dhungana