The Nashville Film Festival Announces Screenwriting Competition Winners
Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Nashville Film Festival announces the winners of their 4th annual Screenwriting Competition.
The winners were selected from over 1,300 submissions from all over the world including feature-length screenplays, short screenplays, and teleplays. Winners were chosen by a team of 27 industry professionals including agents, writers, producers, and directors for companies such as APA Agency, Bob’s Burgers, and Voltage Pictures.

Grand Jury Prizes:

Grand Jury Prize – Feature Screenplay:

The Secret of Shangri-La

by Lisa Gold

Grand Jury Prize – Short Screenplay:

Del Rio, Texas

by Raj Trivedi

Feature Screenplays:

Best Comedy Feature:

The Anklebiter

by Andrew Jones

Best Drama Feature:

The Low Road

by Darren McInerney

Best Action/Adventure Feature:

Duel of the Immortals

by Michael Gibrall

Best Family/Animation Feature:

The Secret of Shangri-La

by Lisa Gold

Best Historical Feature:

A Man Called White

by Randy Hines

Best Inspirtational Feature:

The Moonbeam Fisherman

by John Dummer

Best Music-Inspired Feature:

The Jack-O-Lanterns

by Dan Goforth

Best Science-Fiction Feature:

Alien in my Pocket

by Joe Borriello

Best Tennessee Feature:

Café New York

by Katy Chevigny-Smith

Best Thriller/Horror Feature:

The Sand Reckoner

by Christopher Colpitts

Short Screenplays:

Best Comedy Short:

Anatomically Modern Human for President

by Amanda Martinez

Best Drama Short:

Del Rio, Texas

by Raj Trivedi

Best Genre Short:


by Dave Chan

Best Tennessee Short:

The Morning After

by Conway Preston

Best Thriller/Horror Short:


by David Cramer

Best Young Screenwriter Short:


by Lauren Marie Miller


Best 30-Minute Teleplay:

Millennial Rules

by Heidi Putallaz

Best 60-Minute Teleplay:

Blood Oath

by Jake Bottiglieri