Nashville Film Festival Announces Screenwriting Competition Finalists
Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Nashville, TN – 

The Nashville Film Festival announces the 54 Finalists selected for their 4th annual Screenwriting Competition.
The Finalists were selected from over 1,300 submissions from all over the world including feature-length screenplays, short screenplays, and teleplays.
The Top 3 Finalists were selected in all categories and scored into the Top 4% of submissions. This year’s winners will be announced at an award ceremony on Friday, April 28th at the Nashville Film Festival. The 48th Nashville Film Festival will take place April 20-29.

Feature-Length Screenplays:

Action/Adventure Feature

Duel of the Immortals – Michael Gibrall

The Dragon Run – Bradley Stryker

Shabu – Judah Ray

Comedy Feature

3 to Die – Mitch Yapko & Allen Rueckert

The Anklebiter – Andrew Jones

Shady Birch – Nichole Kanney

Drama Feature

The Low Road – Darren McInerney

War/Love – Hannah Feller

Widow’s Grove – Ivan Kotevski

Family/Animation Feature

Hooked – Timothy Benson

The Secret of Banrion Wood – Persephone Vandegrift

The Secret of Shangri-La – Lisa Gold

Historical Feature

Bloody Williamson – Sara Caldwell & James Ballowe

A Man Called White – Randy Hines

Russia Was a Woman – Amy Gerber-Stroh

Inspirational Feature

Aunt Maddy – Mike Reid

Beauty for Ashes – Princella Smith, Kyle Roark, & Raymund King

The Moonbeam Fisherman – John Dummer

Music-Inspired Feature

The Jack-O-Lanterns – Dan Goforth

LP – Joey Perotti

Twit – David Rousseve

Science-Fiction Feature

Alien in My Pocket – Joe Borriello

Returners – Eric Steele

Rise of the Phoenix – Ann Williams

Tennessee Feature

Café New York – Katy Chevigny-Smith

Clayton Cadaver – Shayna-Raye Funderburk

Virginia Rose and the Lost City of Gold – Bryan Kelsey

Thriller/Horror Feature

The Children of San Miani – Randall Willis

The Sand Reckoner – Christopher Colpitts

The Twin Within – Gunnar Garrett

Short Screenplays:

Comedy Short

Anatomically Modern Human for President – Amanda Martinez

Remember Brighton – Michael Gibney

Homemade – Anna Alaimo

Drama Short

Del Rio, Texas – Raj Trivedi

FutureHealth – Sarah Polhaus

Holdenfield – Kevin Brown

Genre Short

Fly! – Dave Chan

Chambered – Toby Osborne

FutureHealth – Sarah Polhaus

Tennessee Short

Holdenfield – Kevin Brown

The Morning After – Conway Preston

Raven Point – Jason K. Allen

Thriller/Horror Short

Are You Loathsome Tonight? – John Burdeaux

Gone – David Cramer

Looking for Death – Adrienne Frank

Young Screenwriters Short

Be Okay. – William Shelton

Floating – Zane Swift

Mother – Val Jashari

Ruth(less) – Lauren Marie Miller


30-Minute Teleplay

Agent of Influence – J.P. Unice

Millennial Rules – Heidi Putallaz

Quantum Dreams – Jeffrey Gold

60-Minute Teleplay

Blood Oath – Jake Bottiglieri

Demons – Kevin Burke

Everly – Nicole Donadio