Nashville Film Festival Announces Episodic and Virtual Reality Competition
Wednesday, March 22, 2017


The Best Dating Advice Brought to You by the Guys Most Qualified to Give You the Best Dating Advice / US (Director: Christopher Gentle | Jack Lines) — THE BEST DATING ADVICE BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE GUYS MOST QUALIFIED TO GIVE YOU THE BEST DATING ADVICE present to you the best dating advice! Cast: Jack Lines | Christopher Gentle. World Premiere.

Dates (The Series) / US (Director: Kristie Pennington | Cody Rogers) — DATES (THE SERIES) is a romantic comedy series about dating. It follows an ensemble cast through the trials and tribulations of the dating world; the good, the bad, and the cringe worthy. Cast: Quentin Plair | Lindsey Shope | David Ditmore | Natalie Ruffino | Debra Hansen | Susannah Devereux. World Premiere.

Discocalypse / Germany (Director: Dirk Rosenloecher) — Saved by a well-timed visit to the bathroom, Zecke avoids a zombie outbreak at a German nightclub. We join him and a group of fellow survivors on a crazy trip out of a disco infected with zombie-like monsters. Cast: Michael Knoefler | David Daria | Yvonne Forster. US Premiere.

Guest Appearances / US (Director: Elizabeth Guest) — Lydia, a love-obsessed every girl, finds herself in the enviable position of having too many dates. She also has too many parents. It’s a problem (but not really). Cast: Elizabeth Guest | Rachelle Carson | Pamela Guest | Ed Begley Jr. | Nicholas Guest.

Gunner Jackson: Chapter No. 1 / US (Director: Christian Strevy) — Gunner Jackson, self-proclaimed inventor and conspiracy realist, works to finish up a patent application at the library, but is distracted by an unwelcome admirer. Cast: Christian Strevy | David Girard | Ward Haarbauer | Abby Rain Heiser | Nikiya Palombi. Tennessee Premiere.

Homies / US (Director: Mark Columbus) — Dylan, a scrappy 15 year old, loves filming things with his Sony Handicam. His mom’s boyfriend, an ex-gang member turned born-again Christian, decides to enlist Dylan to shoot a Kickstarter video for his sweater company ‘Homies Enterprises’. But when Dylan decides it’s stupid, he rebels against his family. Cast: Christian Vunipola | Zach Steel | Alex Vergel | Suilma Rodriguez. World Premiere.

Long Live Death / Germany (Director: Sebastian Marka) — Even after being arrested by Lt. Murot, a serial killer continues his master plan. As detective and criminal play a cat-and-mouse game with the highest of stakes — a person’s life — Lt. Murot is forced to confront his own past and inner demons. Cast: Ulrich Tukur | Jens Harzer | Barbara Philipp | Ygal Gleim | Hans Löw. Southeast US Premiere.

Manic / US (Director: Kate Marks) — An Ivy-league bound, overachieving teen is derailed after a manic episode lands her in a school for kids with mental illness. Cast: Shanice Williams | Dot-Marie Jones | Russell Andrews | Nicki Micheaux | VyVy Nguyen | Sydney Sweeney. Southeast US Premiere.

The Minutes Collection / US (Director: Jim Cummings | Dustin Hahn) — This comedy series, shot in single takes, follows six young people as they experience pivotal moments in their lives that don’t go as planned. Cast: Rae Gray | Tatanka Means | Annie Hamilton | Joseph Lee Anderson | PJ McCabe | Ambre Rose Trujillo. Tennessee Premiere.

The Nest / Brazil (Director: Filipe Matzembacher | Marcio Reolon) — Bruno, a young soldier who has gone AWOL, travels to Porto Alegre in search of his estranged brother. In his search, Bruno meets his brother’s friends who reveal previously unknown aspects of his brother’s life. He discovers a new space where he is free to be himself and explore his sexuality. Cast: Nicolas Vargas | Sophia Starosta | Luiz Paulo Vasconcellos.

Our Allies in Iraq (The Shia Militias) / US (Director: Anders Sømme Hammer) — In the first episode of this documentary series, a diverse group of men and women fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Labels aside, they are all allies of the United States in the war against ISIS. World Premiere.

Reset / France (Director: Christelle Gras) — After living several months barricaded in an apartment in the aftermath of a devastating infection, five survivors decide to leave their sanctuary in a quest for a better life. However, a bigger threat lies ahead. Cast: Mathieu Naert | Melody Maloux | Heza Botto | Delphine Biard | Stefen Eynius. Tennessee Premiere.

Who Is? / Venezuela (Director: Carlos Maseda) — WHO IS? is a web series that intends to show different artists developing in their natural environment, whether it be a studio, atelier or creative spot. Cast: Simon Bardinet. World Premiere.


Asteroids / USA (Director: Eric Darnell) — From the director of MADAGASCAR comes Baobab’s latest VR animation. Journey the cosmos aboard the spaceship of Mac and Cheez, an alien duo so mission-focused they forget what’s important in life. It’s up to you, the crew, to show them what really matters. Cast: Eric Darnell | Elizabeth Banks. Southeast US Premiere.

Escape from Calypso Island / USA (Director: Scott Brown) — Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Seven Bucks Productions bring you “Escape From Calypso Island”, a 360-degree virtual reality adventure! Cast: Dwayne Johnson | Sarah Halford | Mo Darwiche | Kelemete Misipeka.

I, Philip / France (Director: Pierre Zandrowicz) — In early 2005, Hanson robotics developed its first android human, Phil, based on the famous science fiction author Philip K. Dick. Through the memories of the android and those of the author, the film offers an interpretation of Phil’s life.

Invasion / USA (Director: Eric Darnell) — A pair of aliens have grand ambitions to take over our world and destroy anyone who tries to stop them. Instead, they are greeted by the cutest and cuddliest animals on the planet – two adorable, white bunnies… and you are one of them!

VAIN: This Party Sucks / USA (Director: Maggie F. Levin) — A warehouse rave makes a colorful snack for a coven of hungry vampires. Cast: Anna Lore | Coy Jandreau | Ian McQuown | Shelby Young. World Premiere.

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