Nashville Film Festival Announces 2017 Shorts Awards Recipients
Monday, April 24, 2017

Nashville, TN – Winners of the 2017 Nashville Film Festival jury prizes were announced at a ceremony last night where What Tears Us Apart, Garden Party and Refugee each became eligible for submission for the 2018 Academy Awards, as long as they otherwise meet all other eligibility requirements.  Awards were announced by Festival’s Artistic Director, Brian Owens.

The winning films will take home cash and prizes valued at over $35,000. Past wining films have included Academy Award-winner Bear Story and last year’s Academy Award-nominated Borrowed Time.

The Grand Jury Prize in the Narrative Shorts Competition was awarded to the French drama about international adoption, What Tears Us Apart, directed by Hu Wei. The Prize for Best U.S. Narrative Short given to American Paradise, directed by Joe Talbot and the Prize for Best International Short was awarded to Import, directed by Ena Sendijarevic. Honorable Mention for Best U.S. Short was given to A Funeral for Lightning, directed by Emily Kai Bock. Honorable Mention for Best International Short went to Thank You Mr. Imada, directed by Sylvain Chomet.

The Grand Jury Prize for Best Animated Short was awarded to the almost photorealistic, Garden Party, directed by Florian Babikian, Vincent Bayoux, Victor Caire, Theophile Dufresne, Gabriel Grapperon, Lucas Na. The animation jury presented three Honorable Mentions to Kaputt/Broken – The Woman’s Prison at Hoheneck, directed by Volker Schlecht & Alexander Lahl, E is for Evolution, directed by Paul Kusmaul, and The Absence of Eddy Table, directed by Rune Spaans. Recipient of the Grand Jury Prize also take home a high-performance computer provided by AMD Raveon.

The Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary Short was given to Refugee, directed by Emily Moore & Joyce Chen for its vibrant insight into the lives of asylum seekers. Moriom, directed by Francesca Scalisi & Mark Olexa was given Honorable Mention.

The Grand Jury Prize for Best Experimental Short went to director Stacey Steers’ Edge of Alchemy, for its creative reappropriation of found imagery to bring to life an epic surrealist collage. Honorable Mention was given to The Reflection of Power, directed by Mihai Grecu.

The Grand Jury Prize for Best College Student Short went to The Art of Not Appearing, directed by Pernille Rivedal Hellevik. The Alan Dimension, directed by Jac Clinch was named Honorable Mention, while Lucy Chappell was given a Special Jury Prize for her performance in Spilt Milk.

The Graveyard Shift Grand Jury Prize went to I Am the Doorway, directed by Robin Kasparik for its artful cosmic horror, creative mise-en-scène, and for being the finest Stephen King adaptation in years. Pearlies (Quenottes), directed by Pascal Thiebaux & Gil Pinheiro took home the Honorable Mention while a Special Jury Prize for Exuberance, Vision and Naughtiness was awarded to Ghosting the Party, directed by Carlos Alberto Fernandez Lopez.

In the Tennessee First category for films made in Tennessee and/or by Tennessee residents, the Grand Jury Prize for Best Tennessee Narrative Short was awarded to Emily Kai Bock’s A Funeral for Lightning – giving it two prizes on the night. Still Sophie, directed by Caroline Knight was named Best Tennessee Documentary Short and Millennium Girl, directed by Grayson Propst won Best Tennessee Student Short.

The Young Filmmakers Grand Jury Prize was awarded to Jouska, directed by Wynter Rhys. That prize comes with an offer of a $20,000 scholarship to Watkins College of Art, Design and Film.

The Nashville Film Festival brings the world to Nashville in a 10-day celebration of film and the diversity of the human vision.  One of the oldest film festivals in the U.S., NashFilm is an Academy Award® Qualifying Event. The 48th Nashville Film Festival is taking place April 20-29 at Regal Hollywood 27. The Feature Film Awards and the Shorts Audience Awards will be awarded on Saturday, April 29th.