NashFilm Announces the 2018 Shorts in Competition Selections
Friday, April 6, 2018


April 6, 2018 (Nashville, TN) –The 49th Annual Nashville Film Festival continues its rollout of film announcements with the short films in competition. This year the festival received nearly 5,000 shorts submissions and 215 shorts were selected. Selected shorts this year include films made by Dev Patel, Justine Bateman, and Neill Blomkamp and starring Natalia Dyer, Armie Hammer, Alfred Molina, Sigourney Weaver, and Kerri Kenney.
The winnings films in the Narrative Shorts Competition, the Animated Shorts Competition and the Documentary Shorts Competition all qualify for the Academy Awards® as long as they meet all other eligibility requirements. Each of the festival’s last three winners in best Animated Short – Garden Party, Borrowed Time and Bear Story – all received Academy Award nominations. Bear Story went on to win the Oscar.
Below are the 2018 selections listed by category:
Narrative Shorts Competition
48 (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Vladimir Mitrevski (Macedonia).
After Her – Tennessee Premiere Director: Aly Migliori (USA).
All that Remains (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Anne-Lise Morin | Solal Berman (Belgium).
All the Marbles (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Michael Swingler (USA).
Anatomy of the Throat (North American Premiere) – Director: Eric Haviv (USA).
Animal (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Bahram Ark (Iran).
Audition (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Richard Van (USA).
Backstory (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Joschka Laukeninks (Germany).
Bonboné (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Rakan Mayasi (Palestine).
Caroline (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Logan George | Celine Held (USA).
Children Leave at Dawn (North American Premiere) – Director: Manon Coubia (France).
CONTROL (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Kimmy Gatewood (USA).
The Cowboy of Mount Laurier (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Gabriel Vilandré (Canada).
Debris (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Julio O. Ramos (Peru).
The Devil is in the Details – Director: Fabien Gorgeart (France).
The Door (North American Premiere) – Director: Jenni Toivoniemi (Finland).
Drowning Man (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Mahdi Fleifel (Denmark | Greece | United Kingdom).
Elegy (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Alba Tejero (Spain).
Emergency – Director: Carey Williams (USA).
End Times (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Bobby Miller (USA).
Everlasting MOM (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Elinor Nechemya (Israel).
Falling South (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Lorraine Portman (USA).
A Farewell (World Premiere) – Director: Yifei He (China).
Five Minutes (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Justine Bateman (USA).
Gaze (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Farnoosh Samadi (Iran | Italy).
A Gentle Night (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Qiu Yang (Netherlands).
Get Bent (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: The Magic Shop (USA).
Hair Wolf (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Mariama Diallo (USA).
Happy Together (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Marie De Hart | Ellen Pollard (Belgium).
Home Shopper (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Dev Patel (USA).
Icarus (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Nicolas Boucart (Belgium | France).
Into the Blue (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Antonete Alamat Kusijanovic (Croatia).
Jodilerks Dela Cruz, Employee of the Month (US Premiere) – Director: Carlo Francisco Manatad (Philippines | Singapore).
Kira Burning (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Laurel Parmet (USA).
Kiss (North American Preview) – Director: David Priego (Spain).
Krista (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Danny Madden (USA).
M.A.M.O.N. (Monitor Against Mexicans Over Nationwide) – Director: Alejandro Damiani (Uruguay).
Mama Jane (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Lisa Maria Hall (USA).
March Fool (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Pierre-Marc Drouin | Simon Lamarre-Ledoux (Canada).
Martini Night (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Jacob Halpren (USA).
Matria (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Álvaro Gago (Spain).
Maude (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Anna Margaret Hollyman (USA).
Metta Via (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Warren Flanagan (Canada).
Mirette (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Helen O’Hanlon (United Kingdom).
Miss Wamba (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Estefanía Cortés (Spain).
Mother (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Rodrigo Sorogoyen (Spain).
Painting with Joan (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Jack Henry Robbins (USA).
Pre-Drink (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Marc-Antoine Lemire (Canada).
The President’s Visit (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Cyril Aris (Lebanon).
Punchline (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Christophe Saber (Switzerland).
Quiet Things No One Sees (World Premiere) – Director: Andrej Landin | Almog Avidan Antonir (USA).
Rakka – Director: Neill Blomkamp (USA).
Sacrilège (US Premiere) – Director: Christophe Saber (Switzerland).
Sam Did It (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Dominic Burgess (USA).
Santa Maria (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Erik Schmitt (Germany).
Sauna (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Charlie Polinger (USA).
Second Best (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Alyssa McCelland (Australia).
Shadow Nettes (US Premiere) – Director: Phillip Barker (Canada).
Signature (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Joschka Laukeninks (Japan).
Swimming Pool (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Carlos Ruano (Spain).
There Is a Salad Standing Between Us (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Alice Von Gwinner (Germany).
Time Traveller (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Steve Kenny (Ireland).
Tooth and Nail (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Sara Shaw (USA).
The Treehouse (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Juan Sebastián Quebrada (Colombia).
Turk Shop (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Bahar Pars (Sweden).
Two Dollars (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Emmanuel Tenenbaum (France | Canada).
Waste (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Alejo Levis | Laura Sisteró (Spain).
With Thelma (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Ann Sirot | Raphaël Balboni (Belgium | France).
Animated Shorts Competition
149th and Grand Concourse (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Andy London | Carolyn London (USA).
Adam – The Mirror – Director: Neill Blomkamp (Canada).
Airport (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Michaela Müller (Croatia | Switzerland).
The Burden (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Niki Lindroth von Bahr (Sweden).
Catastrophe (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Jamille van Wijingaarden (Netherlands).
Darrel (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Marc Briones | Alan Carabantes (Spain).
The Driver Is Red (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Randall Christopher (USA).
Full Story (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Daisy Jacobs | Christopher Wilder (United Kingdom).
HYBRIDS (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Florian Brauch | Kim Tailhades | Matthieu Pujol | Romain Thirion | Yohan Thireau (France).
Imagined Conversation: Kanye & Hawking (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Sol Friedman | Josh Poole (Canada).
Morning Cowboy (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Fernando Pomares (Spain).
Poles Apart (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Paloma Baeza (United Kingdom).
Take Rabbit (North American Premiere) – Director: Peter Peake (United Kingdom).
Tightly Wound – Southeast US Premiere – Director: Shelby Hadden (USA).
Vermin (North American Premiere) – Director: Jeremie Becquer (Denmark).
Weekends (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Trevor Jimenez (USA).
Wishing Box (World Premiere) – Director: Wenli Zhang | Nan Li (USA).
Documentary Competition
’63 Boycott (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Gordon Quinn (USA).
Adversary – Director: Scott Cummings (USA).
Agave Gun (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Ross Haines (USA).
Cats Cradle (World Premiere) – Director: Jonathan Napolitano (USA).
Fix and Release (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Scott Dobson (Canada).
Footprint (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Sara Newens (USA).
The Human Face (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Aline Pimentel (USA).
I Heart NY (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Andre Andreev (USA).
Jesszilla (World Premiere) – Director: Emily Sheskin (USA).
Ligne Noire (US Premiere) – Director: Francesca Scalisi (Bangladesh | Switzerland).
Lotte that Silhouette Girl (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Carla Patullo | Elizabeth Beecherl (USA).
My Dead Dad’s Porno Tapes (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Charlie Tyrell (Canada).
Night at the Garden – Director: Marshall Curry (USA).
Return to High Chapparal (North American Premiere) – Director: David Freid (USA).
Roadside Attraction (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Patrick Bresnan | Ivete Lucas (USA).
Saul’s 108th Story (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Joshua Carlon (USA).
Tables (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Jon Bunning (USA).
While I Yet Live (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Maris Curran (USA).
ZION (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Floyd Russ (USA).
Episodic Competition
#WeirdMYAH : #photobomb (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Kelly Greer (USA).
Almost Balanced Foodie (World Premiere) – Director: Ted Welch | Natalie Ruffino (USA).
Double Date (World Premiere) – Director: Vania Smrkovski (USA).
Filth City (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Andy King (Canada).
From Jappan (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Raj Trivedi (USA).
Millennial Rules (Sneak Preview) – Creator: Heidi Putallaz | Director: Paul Overacker (USA).
Paint – Southeast US Premiere Director: Michael Walker (USA).
People of… (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Lamia Alami (France).
Preschool Poets: An Animated Series (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Josh Kun | Nancy Kangas | Marcus Armitage (Animation) | Henrique Barone (Animation) | Daniel Bruson (Animation) | Carlín Diaz (Animation) | Nica Harrison (Animation) | Ross Hogg (Animation) | Stas Santimov (Animation) (USA).
Seeking Sublet (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Katie Tibaldi (USA).
Songwriters – Mac Davis (North American Premiere) – Director: Robert Gordon Jr. (USA).
Spectrums – Director: Zohar Melinek Ezra | Afek Testa Launer (Israel).
Tammy’s Tiny Tea Time (Southeast Premiere) – Director: Peter Gulsvig (USA).
The Passage (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Kitao Sakurai (USA).
Three’s A Pain Season 2 (World Premiere) – Director: Kenny Garner (USA).
Voyage Trekkers (World Premiere) – Director: Nathan Blackwell (USA).
Experimental Competition
Animals Under Anaesthesia: Speculations on the Dreamlife of Beasts (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Brian M. Cassidy | Melanie Shatzky (Canada).
Green Screen Gringo (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Douwe Dijkstra (Netherlands | Brazil).
Interstitial (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Shunsaku Hayashi (Japan).
Scale (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Brian Siskind (USA).
Strangers (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Julien Vallée | Eve Duhamel (Canada).
Terraform (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Sil van der Woerd (Indonesia | United Kingdom).
Think of Something Blue (North American Premiere) – Director: Jerry de Mars (Netherlands).
Turtles Are Always Home (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Rawane Nassif (USA).
Two◦ C (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Maxime Contour (France).
Virginity and Beyond (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Yuhao Chang (USA).
Graveyard Shift Competition
After We Have Left Our Homes. (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Marc Adamson (United Kingdom).
All You Can Eat (World Premiere) – Director: Cameron Strittmatter (USA).
Allen Anders Live at the Comedy Castle Circa 1987 – Director: Laura Moss (USA).
Are You Wild Like Me? (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: William Nawrocki III (USA).
Back Page Ripper (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Stephen Rutterford (USA).
Blood Shed (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: James Moran (United Kingdom).
Buzzcut (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Jon Rhoads | Mike Marrero (USA).
Call of Cuteness (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Brenda Lien (Germany).
Careful How You Go (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Emerald Fennell (United Kingdom).
Cupid Prefers a Sniper’s Rifle (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Inbar Marmelshtein (Israel).
The Dead Man Speaks (North American Premiere) – Director: Marcos Mereles (Netherlands).
DeathHaus (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Dieter Spears | David Buchert (USA).
Foxwood (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Trevor Dillon | Ian Hock (USA).
Fresh Blood (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Richa Rudola (India | USA).
Glitch (North American Premiere) – Director: Richard Bodsworth (United Kingdom).
Great Choice – Director: Robin Comisar (USA).
Harvest (North American Premiere) – Director: Mohammad Malik (United Kingdom).
Haw Hee (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Bret Fetzer (USA).
Here Comes the Neighborhood – Director: Michael Charron (USA).
In My Room – Director: Michael Trainotti (USA).
It Began Without Warning (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Santiago C. Tapia | Jessica Curtright (USA).
The Itch (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Timothy Ryan Driscoll (USA).
Latched (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Justin Harding | Rob Brunner (Canada).
leftovers. (World Premiere) – Director: Chris Schulz (USA).
Mongers – Director: Jim Valosik (USA).
The Music Lesson (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Adam R. Brown | Kyle I. Kelley (USA).
Nocturne (World Premiere) – Director: Marcus Cox (USA).
Paralys (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: John Boisen | Björn Fävremark (Sweden).
Re: Possessed Homes (World Premiere) – Director: Matt Landry (Canada).
She Came from the Woods (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Erik Bloomquist | Carson Bloomquist (USA).
Socks on Fire: Uncle John and the Copper Headed Water Rattlers – Director: Bo McGuire (USA).
Trespassers (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Johannes Persson (Sweden).
We Summoned a Demon – Director: Chris McInroy (USA).
Wrong Room (World Premiere) – Director: Duncan McCabe (USA).
Student Shorts
Every Grain of Rice (Southeast Premiere) – Director: Carol Nguyen (Canada).
Fundamental (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: ShihChieh Chiu (Taiwan).
In a Heartbeat – Director: Esteban Bravo | Beth David (USA).
Iron Hands (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Johnson Cheng (China).
The Last One (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Andrea Banjanin (United Kingdom).
Lunch Time (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Alireza Ghasemi (Iran).
Onikuma (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Alessia Cecchet (Italy).
Schoolyard Blues (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Maria Eriksson-Hecht (Sweden).
Snap (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Brittany Woodhull (USA).
Three Red Sweaters – Director: Martha Gregory (USA).
Towards the Sun (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Monica Santis (United Kingdom).
Undiscovered (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Sara Litzenberger (USA).
Tennessee First Competition
Black Hog Gut – World Premiere – Director: Warren Lewis Allen | Willie Stewart (USA).
BLM Bridge Protest: One Year Later – Director: Yalonda M. James (USA).
Clarksville 1937 (World Premiere) – Director: Karen Bullis | Kathy Lee Heuston (USA).
Dirty Money – Director: Jonas Schubach (USA).
Du Iz Tak? (World Premiere) – Director: Galen Fott (USA).
Finding America (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Katey Perkins (USA).
Gil Veda’s Fishy Tales (World Premiere) – Director: Will Berry (USA).
Graham and Zeke (World Premiere) – Director: Cheryl Newsome | Allie Sultan (USA).
Heavens – Director: Jonas Schubach (USA).
Holden Caleb (US Premiere) – Director: Christopher Dalton (USA).
Hunter (World Premiere) – Director: Hilary Bell (USA).
GAUNTLET RUN: Breach – Director: Jyo Carolino (USA).
It’s Now Or Never: a Race to Save Colonel Parker’s Complex (World Premiere) – Director: Austin Daniel Blasingame (USA).
Left Behind – World Premiere – Director: Clay Mortensen (USA).
Love, Gwen (Southeast Premiere) – Director: Amanda Young (USA).
Modicum of Joy – Tennessee Premiere – Director: John Stavas (USA).
Music Lesson (Southeast Premiere) – Director: Adam K. Brown, Kyle I. Kelley (USA).
Nashedonia (World Premiere) – Director: Will Berry (USA).
The New Mister Princess – Director: Motke Dapp (USA).
The Order (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Chad Cunningham (USA).
Pilots (World Premiere) – Director: Jason Luckett (USA).
Prom Song (World Premiere) – Director: Kendra Baude (USA).
Queer and Southern God (World Premiere) – Director: Melisse Tokic (USA).
Qwerty (World Premiere) – Director: John McAmis (USA).
Rite Of Passage (World Premiere) – Director: Benjamin Skipworth (USA).
Sarah’s Dream (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Wendy Keeling (USA).
Self Control – Director: Matt Brewster (USA).
Shed (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Matt Burch | Andy McEntire (USA).
These Boys & Girls (World Premiere) – Director: Charles Dillon Ward (USA).
Timely Manner (US Premiere) – Director: Andrew Swisher (USA).
Two-Fifty (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Crue Smith (USA).
A View from the Inside – Director: Jeff Shoup | Aidan Hoyal (USA).
Welcome Home Brother – Director: Isaac Fowler | Tim Morris (USA).
Whippoorwill – Director: Tyler Hays (USA).
Why the Chicken Crossed the Road – World Premiere Director: John Hamlin (USA).
Why You Don’t Send Nudes (World Premiere) – Director: Cale Glendening (USA).
VR | 360
I Am A Man (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Derek Ham (USA).
If You Go Away (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Soheila Golestani (Iran).
Lion 360 – Director: Martin Edström (Sweden).
Micro Giants (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Yifu Zhou (China | USA).
Where Thoughts Go (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Lucas Rizzotto (USA).
Young Filmmaker Shorts
Elliott’s To Do List (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Helena Katherine Drizhal (USA).
Goranson Farm (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Sam Marjerison (USA).
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Suburbia (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Alex Alford, Zak Denley (USA).
Homo Sapiens (US Premiere) – Director: Ivan Farkas (Australia).
The Human Fire Extinguisher (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Robert Gordon (USA).
Jasmine Stung (Southeast US Premiere) – Director: Partho Gupte (India).
Just Stories (World Premiere) – Director: Ishan Modi (Singapore).
Little Voices (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Nathan Ginter (USA).
Loop (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Ryan Beard, Stephen Gentry, Eli Hall (USA).
The Petition (Tennessee Premiere) – Director: Riley Goodwin | Kibiriti Majuto (USA).
Spy Games (World Premiere) – Director: Makaili Calvin | McKenzie Chaffins | Jamison Scott | Kenny Strawn (USA).
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