Full Short Film Lineup
Thursday, March 20, 2014 - Nashville, TN

The Nashville Film Festival (NaFF) today announced the complete line-up for Short Films in Competition to be screened at the 45th annual Festival, April 17 – 26. NaFF will screen 157 short films from 33 countries in categories ranging from narrative, experimental, animated, young filmmakers, and Tennessee shorts. A record-breaking 2,347 short films were submitted. The 2014 lineup includes works starring Michael Cera, Amanda Seyfried, Anna Chlumsky, Michelle Rodriguez and Ben Schwartz.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences extended its qualification for NaFF Shorts in 2014. For the first time, shorts in the documentary category qualify for Academy Award consideration, in addition to narrative and animation shorts, which have qualified in past years. “Because of our Academy Award qualifier status, we tend to receive an impressive number of short film entries each year,” said Artistic Director, Brian Owens. “It means that our film goers will see quality short films and they may see shorts that go on to win Oscars. For example, our 2013 Live Action winner, Curfew, and our 2012 Animated Winner, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, both came through Nashville.”

This year, NaFF expands to two locations. Short films will be screened at Regal Green Hills Stadium 16 and on the NaFF outdoor theater at Nissan Multicultural Village (Walk of Fame Park) in downtown Nashville. Like other major film festivals such as Sundance and Tribeca, NaFF is open to the public. Tickets may be purchased to any of 200 events, including films, panel discussions, and parties on the Nashville Film Festival website. NaFF brings in filmmakers, celebrities, and industry insiders to mingle with people who enjoy film on the big screen.

The Short Films in Competition include:

Live Action Shorts in Competition – Academy Award™ Qualifying Category

Afronauts | Director: Frances Bodomo. USA. 14 minutes.
It’s July 16, 1969: America is preparing to launch Apollo 11. Thousands of miles away, the Zambia Space Academy hopes to beat America to the moon in this film inspired by true events.

The Amber Amulet | Director: Matthew Moore. Australia. 22 minutes.
This is the story of a superhero, a beagle, an amulet made of amber, and the potential that is locked inside all of us.

The Audition | Director: Michael Haussman. Italy. 11 minutes.
This scene begins as a playful challenge between two actors. What happens seems unplanned – as emotions become involved and they fall in love. The audience asks: Is this real? Or just really good acting?

Baby Mary | Director: Kris Swanberg. USA. 9 minutes.
An eight-year-old girl living on the west side of Chicago finds a neglected toddler and decides to take her home.

Balance | Director: Mark Ram. Netherlands. 11 minutes.
Friends Henderson and Morris are climbing a mountain, connected by a rope. They take an easy passage, but a loss of oversight leads to Henderson’s fall. Morris cannot prevent falling too. Seconds later he finds himself hanging above an abyss, realizing the balance is unstable.

Bernard the Great | Director: Philippe Lupien, Marie-Helene Viens. Canada. 10 minutes.
It’s Bernard’s birthday, but he doesn’t want to grow up. At 10 years old, he invents a suit that stops his growth. But everything will not work out as he planned… Being different is not as simple as he thought.

Best | Director: William Oldroyd. United Kingdom. 3 minutes.
With his wedding only moments away, a man and his best friend confront their future.

The Big House | Director: Musa Syeed. Yemen. 5 minutes.
A young Yemeni boy ventures out of his cramped apartment and finds a key to the empty mansion down the street, where he lets his imagination run wild.

Box Walk | Director: Tony Fulgham. USA. 16 minutes.
A quiet thirteen-year-old and his stepfather track down a wounded deer as the boy learns that doing the right thing is rarely easy and rarely clear.

The Bravest, the Boldest |Director: Moon Molson. USA. 17 minutes.
Two Army Casualty Notification Officers arrive at the Harlem projects to deliver Sayeeda Porter some news about her son serving in the war in the Middle East. But whatever it is they have to say, Sayeeda ain’t trying to hear it.

Burger | Director: Magnus Mork. Norway / United Kingdom. 11 minutes.
It’s a late night in a burger bar in Wales…

Butter Lamp | Director: Hu Wei. France / China. 16 minutes.
A photographer weaves unique links among nomadic families.

Catherine | Director: Dean Fleischer-Camp. USA. 13 minutes.
Catherine returns to work after a hiatus.

Chapel Perilous | Director: Matthew Lessner. USA. 13 minutes.
Winner of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival Audience Award, a new short film by Matthew Lessner with Kris Park, David Henry Gerson, Bobby McGee and music by Sun Araw!

Claire| Director: Cate Smierciak. Germany. 14 minutes.
Alone on her first night in Berlin, a shy young woman gathers the courage to go out on her own, but after meeting a few locals at the corner bar, she is faced with more adventure than she bargained for.

Crystal | Director: Chell Stephen. Canada. 17 minutes.
Cursed with a real crumby attitude and a boring-ass hometown, 17-year-old Crystal relies on her passion for dance to escape the mundane life of rural Ontario and pursue her out-sized dream of being a pop superstar.

The Cyclist | Director: Christopher Bryan. USA. 7 minutes.
An emotional, visceral short film about the memories a man takes with him on his final ride.

Dig | Director: Toby Halbrooks. USA. 10 minutes.
A young girl watches her father dig a hole in their backyard. Mystified about his purpose, the neighborhood comes to watch.

Dog Food | Director: Brian Crano. USA. 18 minutes.
When Declan loses his dog and best friend Ralphie, his life starts to unravel.

Dotty | Director: Mick Andrews, Brett O’Gorman. New Zealand. 11 minutes.
A stubborn old lady struggles to send a text message to her daughter.

The Earth, the Way I Left It | Director: Jeff Pinilla. USA. 18 minutes.
A child coping with death in the family is visited by a stranger from the stars. This is a tale of youth preserving innocence through imagination.

Exchange & Mart |Director: Cara Connolly, Martin Clark. United Kingdom. 15 minutes.
A remote boarding school in the Scottish highlands is home to Reg, a lonely and yearning teenage girl. When Reg is required to fight in the woods, she knows what she must do.

First Baptist | Director:Nedra McClyde, Jamund Washington. USA. 20 minutes.
A young Southern Baptist choir soloist fights for the right for his place.

A First Date | Director: Alex Weinress. Australia. 8 minutes.
A serial online dater is ready to throw in the towel. She has one more online date lined up but fears another first date might be her last.

Floating Sunflowers | Director: Francisco Solorzano. USA. 12 minutes.
A still-life painter (Anna Chlumsky), and an author, are caught in an emotional winter but find solace in the possibility of love.

Funnel | Director: Andre Hyland. USA. 8 minutes.
When a man’s car breaks down, he finds himself on a quest for a funnel.

Future Self | Director: Ezra Godden. USA. 17 minutes.
A sharp, ambitious boy is deeply underwhelmed when he meets a carefree, bizarre looking weirdo claiming to be his future self.

Gaspé Copper | Director: Alexis Fortier-Gauthier. Canada. 14 minutes.
Murdochville,1957. A family is forced to move, as the father, pained by a long miners’ strike, finds a new job in the city.

Good Morning | Director: Peter Knegt, Stephen Dunn. Canada. 10 minutes.
What happens when you wake up remarkably hungover on the morning after your 30th birthday to find that there’s a teenager sleeping on your couch (but thankfully not in your bed)?

A Good Story | Director: Martin-Christopher Bode. Germany. 20 minutes.
When Helga Landowsky discovers a broken jug in an antiques store near the German/Polish border, she wants to have it at any cost.

Gregory Go Boom | Director: Janicza Bravo. USA. 18 minutes.
A paraplegic man (Michael Cera) leaves home to be on his own.

I’m a Mitzvah | Director: Ben Berman. USA. 19 minutes.
A young American man spends one last night with his deceased friend while stranded in rural Mexico.

The Immaculate Reception | Director: Charlotte Glynn. USA. 17 minutes.
It’s 1972 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Sixteen-year-old Joey has the chance to prove himself when his crush ends up at his house to watch the infamous football game between the Steelers and the Raiders.

Jonathan’s Chest | Director: Christopher Radcliff. USA. 14 minutes.
Everything changes one night for Alex, a troubled teenager, when he is visited by a boy claiming to be his brother — who disappeared years earlier.

Kekasih |Director: Diffan Sina Norman. Malaysia. 9 minutes.
While pursuing his late wife, a botanical professor encounters a divine presence that will transform him forever.

Krisha |Director: Trey Edward Shults. USA. 15 minutes.
When Krisha decides to join her family for a holiday dinner, tensions escalate and she struggles to keep her own demons at bay.

The Last Time I Saw Richard | Director: Nicholas Verso. Australia. 22 minutes.
In the winter of 1995, a friendship forms between two boys forced to share a room in a teen mental health clinic.

Life’s a Bitch | Director: Francois Jaros. Canada. 5 minutes.
Philip is going through a difficult and painful break-up.

MeTube: August sings Carmen ‘Habanera’ |Director: Daniel Moshel. Austria. 4 minutes.
MeTube, a homage to thousands of ambitious YouTube users and video bloggers, gifted and less gifted self-promoters on the internet, has attracted international attention.

My Sense of Modesty | Director: Sébastien Bailly. France. 20 minutes.
Hafsia, a student in Art History, is going to have to remove her hijab for an oral exam. She goes to the Louvre Museum to view the painting that she has to comment on.

Mystery | Director: Chema García Ibarra. Mexico. 12 minutes.
They say that if you put your ear to the back of his neck, you can hear the Virgin talk.

The Opportunist | Director: David Lassiter. USA. 15 minutes.
A night in the life of social shape-shifter addicted to the visceral thrill of invading the lives of others.

The Party | Director: Astrid Thorvaldsen, Ingvild Dagestad. Norway. 7 minutes.
The party is over.

Person to Person | Director: Dustin Guy Defa. USA. 18 minutes.
Waking up the morning after hosting a party, a man discovers a stranger passed out on his floor. He spends the rest of the day trying to convince her to leave.

Pour Retourner | Director: Scooter Corkle. Canada. 13 minutes.
A talented prison chef with the respect of his fellow inmates is paroled to a world that does not want him.

Rat Pack Rat | Director: Todd Rohal. USA. 19 minutes.
A Sammy Davis, Jr. impersonator, hired to visit with a loyal Rat Pack fan, finds himself delivering last rites at the boy’s bedside.

Rhino Full Throttle| Director: Erik Schmitt. Germany. 15 minutes.
What is the city made of?

Sequence | Director: Charles Torrens. USA. 20 minutes.
A man wakes up one morning to realize the entire world has dreamed about him the night before.

Sevilla | Director: Bram Schouw. Netherlands. 11 minutes.
Three youngsters make a road trip that will change their lives forever.

Social Butterfly| Director: Lauren Wolkstein. France / USA. 15 minutes.
A 30-year-old American woman enters into a teenage party in the South of France. Some of the guests wonder who she is and what she is doing there.

Syndromeda | Director: Patrik Eklund. Sweden. 22 minutes.
Leif wakes up on the road—naked and bloody—with no memory of what has happened. No one believes him when he claims he was abducted by aliens.

Take Me to the Front | Director: Stefano Pietrocola. United Kingdom. 13 minutes.
A British photojournalist covers the Bosnian War. How far will he go for his art? Where will he draw the line between documentation and intervention?

The Third Wheel | Director: Adam Lustick. USA. 6 minutes.
In the crazy world of online dating, Gabrielle finds herself on a date with a pretty cute guy, Mark, and his psycho ex-girlfriend, Amy.

This Way Out | Director: Staten Cousins-Roe. United Kingdom. 18 minutes.
The oddball owner of a struggling euthanasia center has ten days to increase client numbers or face closure.

Tryouts | Director: Susana Casares. USA. 14 minutes.
Being a teenager isn’t easy, especially for Nayla, a Muslim-American girl who wants to join her high school’s cheerleading squad.

Unogumbe (Noye’s Fluddle) | Director: Mark Dornford-May. South Africa. 35 minutes.
An adaptation of Benjamin Britten’s Noye’s Fludde moving the action from medieval England to present-day South Africa, where the background and poverty of the township is a striking metaphor for man’s inhumanity to man.

Verbatim | Director: Brett Weiner. USA. 7 minutes.
A jaded lawyer wastes an afternoon trying to figure out if a dim-witted government employee has ever used a photocopier.

Vikingar | Director: Magali Magistry. Iceland / Denmark. 14 minutes.
Iceland, year 1000. Magnus, a fearless Viking warrior, confronts Bjarni the Berserker who abducted his wife and child. Their rivalry is only beginning.

The Voice Thief | Director: Adan Jodorowsky. USA / France / Chile. 26 minutes.
When an opera singer loses her voice, her husband embarks on an odyssey through Miami’s dark underworld to recover it through supernatural means.

Wakening | Director: Danis Goulet. Canada. 9 minutes.
In the near future, the environment has been destroyed and society suffocates under a brutal military occupation. A lone Cree wanderer Weesakechak searches an urban war zone to find the ancient and dangerous Weetigo to help fight against the occupiers.

We Keep On Dancing | Director: Jessica Barclay Lawton. Australia. 9 minutes.
Two distinctly disparate characters come together over a broken down Volkswagen Beetle in this sweet, amusing tale of love, loss and… car trouble.

Wedding Night | Director: Jenni Toivoniemi. Finland. 7 minutes.
A young Mormon couple’s wedding night is a surprise for both of them.

Whale Valley | Director: Gudmundur Arnar Gudmundsson. Iceland / Demark. 15 minutes.
Two brothers living in a remote Icelandic fjord with their parents take a journey that will mark a turning point in their lives.

Animated Shorts in Competition – Academy Award™ Qualifying Category

Allergy to Originality | Director: Drew Christie. USA. 5 minutes.
A humorous, animated Op-Doc for the New York Times explores the rich history of adaptation, plagiarism, and other forms of appropriation in art.

Animation Hotline, 2012 | Director: Dustin Grella. USA. 6 minutes.
Animation Hotline, uses anonymous messages left on the artist’s voicemail to provide the content for these sometimes insightful, sometimes bizarre, micro-shorts.

Astigmatismo | Director: Nicolai Troshinsky. Spain. 4 minutes.
A boy, having lost his glasses, can only see one thing in focus at a time. His sight gets attracted by the sounds that surround him. He will have to explore a blurry world of unknown places and strange characters.

Bear Me | Director: Kasia Wilk. Germany. 6 minutes.
Love and other strange things…Bear me is a funny animation film about love, a normal course of life and everything else a relationship can offer – but in an idealistic perception.

Blame It On the Seagull | Director: Julie Engaas. Norway. 13 minutes
An animated documentary about Pelle Sandstrak and the way he showed the first signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and Tourette’s syndrome as a teenager.

Caminandes: Gran Dillama | Director: Pablo Vazquez. Netherlands. 3 minutes.
A young llama named Koro discovers that the grass is always greener on the other side (of the fence). Getting there turns out to be harder than expected.

A Cautionary Tail | Director: Simon Rippingale. Australia. 15 minutes.
A little girl is born with a tail that expresses her emotions. But when she grows up she must choose between conformity and self-expression. Starring Cate Blanchett.

Confusion Through Sand | Director: Danny Madden. USA. 12 minutes.
A nineteen year old kid finds himself alone in a hostile desert, scared as hell and trained to react.

Francis | Director: Richard Hickey. United Kingdom. 7 minutes.
A young boy growing up in the suburbs of Chicago spent his vacations in Quetico Provincial Park, on the border of Minnesota and Canada. But he won’t be going back any day soon, not after what happened to a girl called Francis Brandywine.

Friendship All-Stars of Friendship | Director: Dan Lippert, Harry Chaskin, Justin Michael. USA. 3 minutes.
A stop-motion animated series following the gloriously mundane lives of celebrity roommates who all happen to live in the same building. In this episode, Ron Perlman shows off his new sunglasses to Guillermo del Toro.

Imposter | Director: Elie Chapuis. Switerland. 7 minutes.
In a city at night, a human-shaped deer tries to steal a man’s identity by taking his head off.

Junkyard | Director: Hisko Hulsing. Netherlands. 18 minutes.
A man is being robbed and stabbed by a junkie. In the last second before he dies, a youth friendship flashes before his eyes.

Me + Her | Director: Joseph Oxford. USA. 12 minutes.
When Jack and Jill of Cardboard City are separated by Jill’s untimely death, Jack goes on a journey to mend his (literally) broken heart.

Mia | Director: Wouter Bongaerts. Belgium. 9 minutes.
7-year-old Mia tries to liberate her overworked mother from the grasp of an overpopulated metropolis. In her quest, she unlocks the hidden secrets that make the world turn.

Places Where We Lived| Director: Bernardo Britto. USA. 7 minutes.
A man wakes up with a weird feeling. His parents are selling his childhood home.

The Sad House| Director: Sofia Carrillo. Mexico. 13 minutes.
The story of a family told through objects found in junk shops and flea markets.

Sausage | Director: Robert Grieves. United Kingdom. 7 minutes.
The idyllic world of two artisan stallholders is invaded by a devious fast-food vendor whose devious methods provoke life changing events.

SpongeBob SquarePants 4D: The Great Jelly Rescue! | Director: Brent Young. USA. 8 minutes.
When Bikini Bottom’s jellyfish population is threatened by Plankton’s maniacal plans, it’s up to SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy to save the day.

Strings | Director: Pedro Solis Garcia. Spain. 11 minutes.
Maria’s routine at school is altered by the arrival of a very special child. Soon, they become close friends.

Yearbook | Director: Bernardo Britto. USA. 6 minutes.
A man is hired to compile the definitive history of human existence before the planet blows up.

Documentary Shorts in Competition – Academy Award™ Qualifying Category

Choreography | Director: Ashley Sabin, David Redmon. USA. 8 minutes.
Donkeys actively look back at the filmmaker’s gaze in Choreography, an experiential documentary that inverts a vérité or observational approach by showing everyday moments of how donkeys avoid becoming “caught” and transformed into an “unaware” or “natural” image.

Flo | Director: Riley Hooper. USA . 10 minutes.
In the face of Multiple Sclerosis, lung cancer and visual impairment, photographer Flo Fox has continued to pursue her art and has maintained her adventurous, feisty spirit and dirty sense of humor. No longer able to even hold a camera, she has her attendants take photos for her.

Gordie | Director: Traolach Ó Murchú. Ireland. 10 minutes.
An intimate self-authored documentary, Gordie tells the story of a Tlingit First Nation man living with the trauma of a devastating childhood event. Forgiveness is found in the coldest truths.

Hacked Circuit | Director: Deborah Stratman. USA. 16 minutes.
Multiple layers of fabrication and imposition are laid bare by this fluidly choreographed, single-shot embodiment of control. Sonic surveillance meets the black art of foley.

A Hole in the Sky | Director: Alex Lora, Antonio Tibaldi. Spain / Somolia. 10 minutes.
Young Alifa looks up at the Somali sky. She thinks about her daily life as a shepherdess… She knows that the day that will change her life forever is about to come.

The Home Team | Director: Joshua Seftel. USA. 9 minutes.
What’s in the water of Murray, Kentucky that such a small, tight-knit town is home to such an extraordinary basketball team? Murray’s love for the home team runs deep, and on the night of the big game, a single act of generosity changes everything.

The Last Days of Peter Bergmann | Director: Ciaran Cassidy. Ireland. 20 minutes.
In the summer of 2009, a man calling himself Peter Bergmann arrived in Sligo Town. Over his final three days, he would go to great lengths to ensure no one would ever discover who he was or where he came from.

The Lion’s Mouth Opens | Director: Lucy Walker . USA. 15 minutes.
A stunningly courageous young actor, Marianna Palka, confronts her risk of Huntington’s Disease.

Love. Love. Love. | Director: Sandhya Daisy Sundaram. Russia. 12 minutes.
Through the endless winters, every year, her love takes new shapes and forms.

Notes on Blindness | Director: Peter Middleton, James Spinney. United Kingdom. 14 minutes.
In 1983, following a decade of steady deterioration, writer and theologian John Hull lost all traces of light sensation. For the next three years he would keep a diary on audio cassette – over sixteen hours in total – a unique and insightful meditation on memory, consciousness and perception.

Skate Yrself Clean | Director: Janna Jude Brown. USA. 7 minutes.
Part documentary, part music video, meet the ever-joyful Ricky Lee Robinson: professional floor cleaner by day, beloved freestyle rollerskater by night.

Stumped | Director: Robin Berghaus. USA. 10 minutes.
When a filmmaker suddenly finds himself a quadrilateral amputee, he adapts to a world he never could have imagined, and finds a new creative outlet in stand-up comedy.

Tim and Susan Have Matching Handguns | Director: Joe Callander. USA. 2 minutes.
Love is swapping clips with your spouse in the middle of a three gun problem.

Who Shot Rock & Roll: The Film | Director: Steven Kochones. USA. 37 minutes.
Hear the stories behind rock’s most enduring images. This film spotlights the work of acclaimed rock photographers through interviews, photographs and never-before-seen footage covering 50 years of rock and roll.

Experimental Shorts in Competition

Brimstone Line | Director: Chris Kennedy. Canada. 10 minutes.
Three grids are placed along the Credit River in rural Ontario to intensify our sense of the zoom, narrowing vision and flattening space.

Cherries | Director: Friedl vom Gröller. Austria. 3 minutes.
A salon piece in black and white. The filmmaker circles the amorous play. Gestures and blurs, intuitively precise in-camera edits condense the situation of debauchery and digression.

Confessions with An Open Curtain | Director: Eli Cortiñas. Austria. 6 minutes.
“Funny business, a woman´s career, the things you drop on the way up the ladder so you can move faster. You forget you will need them again when you get back to being a woman. There is one career all females have in common whether we like it or not: Being a woman. “

Dry Standpipe | Director: Wojciech Bakowski. Poland. 12 minutes.
A startlingly raw interlaced video collage by celebrated Polish artist, musician and poet Wojciech Bakowski.

from left to right, top to bottom | Director: Flora Watzal. Austria. 15 minutes.
Ever since early performance art, the camera has stood ready as recording apparatus. Film and video seem to be the most suitable medium for playing back the movements of bodies in space and over time, complex processes and narrative entanglements. Yet what happens in the opposite case, when the space performs and along with it, the recording apparatus?

LIVEPAN | Director: Sasha Pirker. Austria. 2 minutes.
Unobserved production forms, no escape, deadpan, the stoic expression of the body/object comic—as we know from Buster Keaton—develops to the livepan of everyday routine.

Minimal Vandalism | Director: Kay Walkowiak. Austria. 4 minutes.
Touching art objects in an exhibition space is usually not allowed. Not so in Kay Walkowiak´s Minimal Vandalism, where this prohibition is practically stomped on.

Picture Perfect Pyramid | Director: Johann Lurf. Austria. 5 minutes.
Picture Perfect Pyramid is a 16mm film which in counter-clockwise spirals, circles a large pyramid structure that was built on the outskirts of Vienna in 1983. Using twenty-four positions the film was shot over the course of an entire day, with one shot per hour.

Redemption | Director: Miguel Gomes. Portugal. 26 minutes.
Where and when have four poor individuals begun searching for redemption?

Reign of Silence | Director: Lukas Marxt. Austria. 7 minutes.
Reign of Silence records a human intervention in nature, a barren landscape that’s strangely surreal, where humans aren´t really expected.

College Student Film Competition

1%ers | Director: Francesca de Sola. USA. 17 minutes.
A famous actress (Michelle Rodriguez) and her co-star (Rie Rasmussen) break away from their Hollywood bubble and head to a locals dive bar in pursuit of something ‘real’. Things take a dark and violent turn when they clash with a group of outlaw bikers over a poker game.

All God’s Creatures | Director: Brendon McDonall. Australia. 20 minutes.
Having just lost their father, brothers Asher and Charlie’s already fragile relationship undergoes a test of almost mythic proportions when one of them commits an act of mindless cruelty.

Even Cowboys Get to Cry | Director: Mees Peijnenburg. Netherlands. 20 minutes.
A film about losing our youth, loneliness, violence and guilt: an homage to friendship.

Helpless | Director: Christene Hurley. USA. 8 minutes.
Leah confesses her true feelings to Chayse in the school library while unknown malice lurks in the hallways.

H’mong Sisters | Director: Jeff Wong. Singapore / Vietnam. 14 minutes.
Among the indigenous tribes in the mountains of Vietnam, 13-year old Mu thinks she knows everything her 16-year old sister Paj, a tour guide, knows – until they encounter a sex tourist.

Into The Silent Sea | Director: Andrej Landin. USA. 25 minutes.
Under desperate circumstances, and across vast distances, an intense connection is made.

Miss Todd | Director: Kristina Yee. United Kingdom. 13 minutes.
It’s 1909, and the whole world is waking to the possibilities of flight. Miss Todd dreams of flying, but she’s got more than gravity holding her down. This is the story of her determination, her perseverance, and her passion.

Noah | Director: Patrick Cederberg, Walter Woodman. Canada. 18 minutes.
In a story that plays out entirely on a teenager’s computer screen, Noah follows its eponymous protagonist as his relationship takes a rapid turn for the worse in this fascinating study of behavior (and romance) in the digital age.

The Pink Helmet Posse | Director: Kristelle Laroche, Benjamin Mullinkosson. USA. 9 minutes.
Three pink tutus. Three pink helmets. Three pink skateboards. Bella, Sierra and Rella prove that skateboarding is not just for boys.

Rabbit and Deer | Director: Péter Vácz. Hungary. 17 minutes.
The friendship of Rabbit and Deer is put to the test by Deer’s new obsession to find the formula for the 3rd dimension…

Silent | Director: Jaco Dukes. USA. 9 minutes.
A Jewish man deals with memories from World War II, when he was in line with other prisoners to be executed by a Nazi soldier.

Still Got Lives | Director: Jan-Gerrit Seyler. Germany. 23 minutes.
Marco and Lisa are in love. Online, they fight side by side against dreadful monsters. However, Lisa refuses to meet Marco in real life. When one day she stops showing up for the game, Marco decides to go searching for her.

Symphony no. 42 | Director: Réka Bucsi. Hungary. 10 minutes.
The film presents 47 observations in the irrational connections between human and nature.

Young Filmmakers Competition

Among Flowers | Director: 2013 Watkins Pre-College Film Students. USA. 11 minutes.
A teen girl, Lily, is resistant to therapy sessions until her persistent doctor, Dr. Jennings, finds a way to connect to and talk about her grief. On the verge of a breakthrough, Jennings hits a roadblock, leaving Lily’s future unknown.

As We Get Older | Director: Silas Connolly. USA. 6 minutes.
Drug and alcohol usage are questioned as a solution to adolescent emptiness and inner conflict through graphic depiction of one teen’s night of moral dissipation.

Bongo | Director: Evan Sennett. USA. 5 minutes.
A curious looking boy, named Bongo, watches a couple dance.

Carry Over | Director: Ryan Hopkinson. USA. 8 minutes.
Northview High School’s football team attempt to lead their school to the playoffs for the first time in school history in this youth-directed documentary.

Cookie Wars | Director: Natasha Lasky. USA. 6 minutes.
An ambitious mother has hired a ringer to help her sell Girl Scout cookies while her real daughter has plans of her own. The battle is on!

Epitaph | Director: Charles Blecker. USA. 6 minutes.
An unusual boy, Billy Coffin, takes his name seriously and prepares for the inevitable.

The Farm | Director: Malone Lumarda. USA. 10 minutes.
A wanderer stumbles across a seemingly abandoned farm and discovers he is not alone.

In Fiction | Director: Andrew Robbin. USA. 7 minutes.
A writer finds himself in a bind with his wife when a character he’s created begins to take over his life.

Overflow | Director: Ruby Drake. USA. 7 minutes.
Two girls try to work through an unexpected crisis in their friendship.

Slender: The Film | Director: Rod Myers, Sam Slocum. USA. 9 minutes.
Teenage boy Steven Shepard, determined to find the cause of the accident that killed his mother, starts on a journey into the woods with his three friends to kill what he thinks did it.

Three Tiny Films from Saint Ann’s School | Directors: Gregory Eagan, Laura Brown, Cullen Girolamo. USA. 6 minutes.
These three films — “Irresolution” by Gregory Eagan, “Go Fish” by Laura Brown, and “Director’s Cut” by Cullen Girolamo — all under two minutes, were shot on 16mm color negative by students in a 3rd year production class at Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn. These films are silent, each with an original score.

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