NashFilm Screenplay Competition Quarterfinalists Announced

by NashFilm

The Nashville Film Festival proudly announces the 2020 Screenwriting Competition Quarterfinalists.  These qualifiers were selected from thousands of entries in 2020.  Winners will be announced during the 2020 Nashville Film Festival, Virtual Fest this October 1-7. For more information on the festival and VIP Virtual Badges, visit: 2020 NashFilm Virtual Fest

Congratulations to the following 2020 Quarterfinalists:

Nashville Film Festival 2020 Quarterfinalists
Half Hour Pilot:
Cloistered M Rowan Meyer
Curtain Call Kate Harbert
Department Of Wayward Souls Cody Mauro
Flawless: A Feminist Fairytale Deborah Rayne & Catherine Eaton
Gimme Danger Lacey Jeka
Good Vibes Only Kyra Jones
Graphers Jeremy Engler
Hyphenated Americans Deck Metellus
Miss Adventure Jake Morgan
Parasociety Ray Goldberg
Post Pierre Finn
Pray for Rain and Sun Patrick Clement
Puppet Me Julie Cavaliere
Righteous – Pilot Episode Desiree Elder
Rodeo Queens Katie Gruel
Sexy Teen Squad: Undercover Monster Hunters Jon Bershad
Spellbound Edward G. Excaliber
The Cool Cult William Connolly & Mckenzie Trent
The Imaginaries Amanda Prager
THE KILLER B’s Dave Chan
Unplanned Scott Peterman & Cat Davis
Untitled Gay Hitman Project James Tison & Gus Constantellis
Zoo Crew Aaron Bohn
Hour Pilot:
Armistead Andre-Chance Goddard
Backcountry Alan Van Dyke
Cover Act Neer Musa Shelter
EAT – “Pilot” Elfi Martinez
Fun and Games – “Pilot” Mike Brooks
Heavy Pilot Collette Legault
Honest Fantasy Jimmy Clabots
HOW WE ROLL Katey Clausen
Hustle Cierra Lockett
Last Days of Lavender Amanda Boyd
MAGA – “Us vs. Them” Elfi Martinez
Milner Funerary Services R.J. Blake
NEAR DEATH Carlo Carere, Erin Carere
Nightingale Dhruv Kanungo
One Rose Richa Rudola
Quaint Eoghan Heneghan
Storyville Matthew Evans
Sunset Alley Sam Watson
The Bliss Killer LeLe Park
The Freshmen Adam Karlson & Joe Hayes
The Future Not Promised Amber Beard
THE NIGHT WATCHMAN – Beasts of Burden Thomas Gaunt
The Squire DaManuel Richardson
THE SURGE Rachele Wiggins & Paul Dawkins
Throw Like a Girl – “#NoMercy” Elfi Martinez
Welcome To Wonderland Bam Johnson
Woke Johnny Gilligan
Comedy Feature:
After the Jump Marquette Jones
As You Wish Suhashini Krishnan
Best Laid Plans Kelly Anelons & Megan Anelons
Body Parts Ryan Simantel
Correction, Fluid Bryan Wright
Gay For Jesus Jason Laurits
Gene Erica Silverman
Hawk Gal Ron
IFFY Ahmed Siddiqui
Igor and Frankie Jim Picariello
Lift Ashley Quach
Miss Desert Palms Damion Dietz
REAL MEN James Holloway
Republic Of Winneconne Lisa Franek
Schmoolie The Deathwatcher Theresa Gallagher
Taffeta Nancy Nyman & Heather McNama
The Future is a DICK Craig Ugoretz
Trail Mix Pete Wilke
Under Act Nir Shelter
Wanderers Jacob Cullen
Drama Feature:
A Devil Will Fall Gavin Fields
A Day in April Nia Ashley
Angel of Rain Lawrence Kennon
Angelic Rap Crusade Eulonda Lea
Blue Comedy Vincent Accettola
Break Even Kent Wolfe
Breaking The Glass Rack Karen Schmidt
Crescent Edward Worthy
Glow Stick Michael Raymond
Has Been Beauty Queen Jennifer Gerber & Samuel Brett Williams
Hollywood, Madam Michelle Somruthai D’Angelo
Indians vs Army Kyle Bergersen
It Was Written Valeria Vallejos
Lady Jordan Kelly Anelons & Megan Anelons
Minor Modifications Shia Labeouf
ON TIME Xavier Burgin
Play Outside Jennifer Phillips
Profeta Island Josh Mann
Riding Shotgun Nafi Ayvaci
Rollaway Tom Mcintire
Run the Devil Matthew Evans
So Rachel Might Leave the City Casey Plett
Stealing Stewart Susan Feingold
Sweet Tea with the First Lady Natasha Usher Niemi
The Last Game Phil Kaufman
THE BEAST Tyler Jane
The Perfect Shape Annalisa Consolo
The Pinch James Raynor
The Superpower Club Blake Donovan
The Traditional Plan Alyson Titkemeyer
Viscosity Kendra Woolley
Walking Wounded Richard P. Alvarez
Whiskey Tantrums Will Shemel
Woodpusher Isaac Ballesteros Barba
Genre Feature:
Apart Hunter Davis
Call Out Nir Shelter
Community Resources (Crash 187) B K
Deathless M Rowan Meyer
GLIMPSE Richard Martin & Josh Calvert
Hurricane Tara Kyle Curry
Immortal Natalie Metzger & Robert Allaire
Last Wolves Michael Roslen
Legend of the Meteor Sword Yiyi Yin
Lifted Cedrick Nichols
Little Bit Long Way Sophia Riley Kobacker
Majhol 3 Moayad Abualkhair
Moonbeam Junior David Morrow
Not Cut Nir Shelter
RELOCATION Warren Clarke
RESET Gretchen Klein
The Clever Girl David Carren
The Junk Food King Mitchell Todorov & Patrick O’Connor
The Lion’s Chambers Kyle Curry
The Penetration Expert Jeffrey Chase
The Wastes Josh Deane
Things Kept Hidden Christopher O’Bryant
Uncut Nir Shelter
VXX Bridget Bell McMahon
Horror Feature:
A Loving Home R.H. Norman & Micheline Pitt
BALL-PEEN HAMMER Joel Santner & Daniel Flint
Birdie Juliana Botelho
Burrow’s Run Nicholas Jessup
Detritus Chris Drzewiecki
Field Trip Claudio Martinez-valle
Flesh and Blood Merlin Camozzi
In Country Scott Peterman & Cat Davis
Nightshade Rick Grogan
Open House Sean Jourdan & John Ingle
Play House Casey Sincic
Prodigal Christopher O’Bryant
Red Eye Eric Unverzagt
Rise Up Little Girl Matthew Avant
Rosanella Caroline Farrell
Scream Screen Steven Epp
Study in Blue Patrick Clement
THE SAUCE Chaz Hawkins
The Visiting Stone A.J. Briones
Wet Linda Paul Parducci
Whoever Fights Monsters Michael Fine
Short Script:
A Helping Hand Sam Gill
Autocomplete Oscar Madrid
Be Quiet Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen
BETTER DAYS Christopher Mancuso
Charlie Foxtrot Patrick Gatov
Code Switch Quame Hamlin
Entrance Of Pink Elephants Tatiana Fedorovskaya
Fibby Garin Pirnia
Hurricane Mitchell Colley
In Your Hands Carlo Liberatore
Intervention in the Time of COVID-19 Nick Josten
Josie’s Date With Death Lisa Tedesco
Means To An End James Martin
Negotiating With the Dead Tori Bond
Paint Drops From The Heart Timothy Mendonca
Frame Amer Halasa
Planet 3 Mark Renshaw
Rear Edward Worthy
Salamoon Ashkan Chavoshi
Seismic Attraction Irish Johnston
Siren Jack Maraghy
SWEAT Jordan Jacinto & Hugo Diego Garcia
The Crossing Olga Rozanova
The Devil and His Blues Sam Watson
The Girl Who Climbed To The Sky Ethan Haughie
The Great Dismal Priya Vashist
The Single Sock Jessica Wenzelmann
The Siren Jay Wright
Trent Needs A Tampon Emmett Lundberg
Walls Fade Away Maximilian Williamson
Whatever Happened to Muffin? Robert Frankel
Words, Home, Heart Katie McNeice
Tennessee Writers:
A Very Jed Christmas Jason K. Allen
Bill Fisher’s Trading Post G. Robert Frazier
Dogwood Children Kevin Keck
Elixir No.27 Megan Friend
Faye Kd Amond & Sarah Zanotti
GREED A. D. Smith
Rattled Kd Amond & Sarah Zanotti
Salt Water Blood Jeremiah Reynolds & Sandy Thomson
Spin Brandi Nicole Payne
The Don Braxton Joy
The Exodusters Mark Naccarato
The Lion in Winter County Paula Phelps-Weaver
THE SAUCE Chaz Hawkins
The Siren Jay Wright
The Uprising of 1870 Randy O’Brien
Traveling Soldier Lauren Cox