Thashana McQuiston

Film Jury

Thashana McQuiston is an actress and writer, most notably known from the webseries Busheltown Hello (2015) and such films as More Scenes from a Gay Marriage (2014), Daughter (2013), Scenes from a Gay Marriage (2012), and Watch Out (2008). She currently cohosts the Something’s Not Right and Tangentland podcasts and has previously cohosted the Film Fatales podcast and is a frequent guest cohost on Cliff and Kendall: Coast2Coast.

Her next projects include the feature film WANT currently in preproduction, the short film Serious Matters currently in postproduction, and the podcast series Do You Remember the First Time.

She is a whiskey and fireworks enthusiast and has seen the 1986 action-thriller Cobra at least 50 times and specifically the pizza scene around 100 times. Honestly, that’s probably all you really needed to know.