Finalists – Features

2015 Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition

FEATURE: Finalists – alphabetical by entry name

“Code Blues” – Gary Wallach
“Glen Sherley” – Joe Rassulo, Robert Gibson
“Independence Pass” – Brian MacEvilly
“Oil and Water” – Alfred Thomas Catalfo, Morgan Webster Dudley
“Shadowman” – Mike Miller
“The Acadian” – David Vincent
“The Oracle of Jerald’s Bay” – Sarah Bewley

COMEDY FEATURE                       
“Alliance” – Charlie Robinson, Carla Robinson
“Canadian Holiday” – David Rocchio
“Miss Loving” – Bernard Smith
“My Bad Day in Hell” – Eric Carlson
“Poe Boys” – David Van Hooser
“The Full Irish” – Brian MacEvilly

“Blind Boone” – Moss Hall, Max Morath
“Chris Gaines Saves the World” – Donald Driscoll
“Stride” – Rick Whelan

FAMILY FEATURE                         
“Darby Petty and the Lost Treasure” – DC Sayre
“Eleven Days” – Jaginder Singh
“The Creepy House” – Shoshana Rosenbaum

INSPIRATIONAL FEATURE                        
“Heart Stringz” – Barbara Ashdown
“In-Between” – Sandra Webb Smith
“One Small Step” – Patrick Sherman

ANIMATED FEATURE                   
“My Monster Burrufu” – Alberto Corral
“The Mythfitz” –  Nicholas Julius

ACTION/ADVENTURE FEATURE                             
” D.T.”    – Ken Comer
“Guns and Grace” – Odin Ozdil
“The Third Bomb” – Phillip Parker

HISTORICAL FEATURE                               
“In Spite of It All” – Rebecca Boyd
“Kid Convict” – Julie Umbreit
“Samson” – Shawn Hoffman

SCIENCE FICTION FEATURE                    
“Bioterror Conspiracy” – Louis Lio
“Eden” – Jessica Chou
“No Man’s Land” – Michelle Davidson, Jeffrey Field
“Populous” – Michael Quintero

THRILLER/HORROR FEATURE                               
“A Texas Story” – David Martin-Porras, Julia Fontana
“Bad Blood” – Billie Bates
“Empathy” – Elvis Wilson
“Ginseng” – Josh Barkey
“Lifers”  – Phil Burdette
“The Apocalypse Chronicles” – Nathan Ludwig, Charles Hill
“Why the Willow Weeps” – Dwight Jolivette
“Zombie Ward”    – Harry Oxnard

TENNESSEE SCREENWRITER FEATURE                            
“Empathy” – Elvis Wilson
“Sink Swim” – Elvis Wilson
“The Acadian” – David Vincent
“The Last Drop” – A. D. Smith