The NY Dog Film Festival

The NY Dog Film Festival™ is a philanthropic celebration of the love between dogs and their people, offering a medley of canine-themed documentary, animated and narrative short films from around the world. This is a rare opportunity to share a wonderfully emotional experience alongside other dog-lovers in your community to watch these short films that inspire, educate and entertain. With an annual New York City premiere every fall, the NYDFF then travels around the country, partnering in each location with an outstanding animal welfare organization that receives a portion of every ticket.
In Nashville that will be the Nashville Humane Society.

These screenings are special events, and all tickets must be purchased.  No tickets are complimentary.

Dog Film Fest Trailer from brian merlen on Vimeo.

Monday April 24th  5:30pm – 7:00pm

K9s FOR WARRIORS (2:00) Ben’s story of managing PTSD with his dog.
THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MOLLY (7:00) First time British director Sue Carpenter’s love tribute to her black Lab Molly.
989 MILES HOME (15:00) Laurence Alexander’s student film depicting discarded dogs in South Carolina being transported by volunteers to welcoming adoptive homes in the Northeast.
GAME OF BONES (10:30) Director Blaire Dobiecki (Melbourne, Australia) re-imagines the popular television series with a similar name, starring her own rescued Lab, Helen, as the heroine.
SECOND CHANCES (4:00) Michael Raab’s account of prisoners training dogs of adopters who meet and thank them.
CONVERSATION WITH MY DOGS (3:00) Humorist Merrill Markoe questions why her dogs follow her everywhere.
DAVID & GOLIATH (12:00) Director George Zaverdas based his period film on a true story of a Jewish resistance fighter fleeing from the Nazis, who takes refuge in a dog house where the German shepherd saves his life.
LE SAUVETAGE (6:00) Peter Mcevilley’s faux-French tale of how dogs view us and bring us together – promoting adoption with the rescued performing Olate dogs. (in French with subtitles)
USEFUL DOG TRICKS (4:00) Heather Brook’s Terrier Jesse embodies “multi-tasking.”
A BOY AND HIS DOG (9:30) Jonna Mciver ‘s documentary features Owen – a very little boy – whose family adopts Haatchi – a very big dog – and how they make each other whole.
PETCO FOUNDATION (3:00) Story of Ewok’s adoption by Jamie Chung.

Monday April 24th  7:30pm – 9:00pm

K9s FOR WARRIORS (2:00) Brett’s story handling PTSD with his dog.
MYRA & PRINCE (4:00) Director Christine Kim is a social worker for homeless people with pets – and chronicles the story of a former showgirl, Myra, who experienced homelessness with her dog Prince.
FOG OF COURAGE (7:30) John R. Dilworth (an Academy Award nominee) made this animated horror/comedy about a cowardly dog named Courage.
LOOKING FOR LOVE (3:00) Australian director Blaire Dobiecki stars her rescued black Lab, Helen, in a cautionary tale about looking for love online.
THE LEWIS LECTURES (7:30) Merrill Markoe’s animated depiction of what dogs actually think and do when we leave the house.
DOG YEARS (4:00) Director Sam Hearn’s voice-over of a dog who questions his relationship with his frequently absent owner.
VALENTINA (9:30) Spanish directors Crespo and Romera’s tale of an estranged couple and their Pug Valentina, who brings them back together. (in Spanish, sub-titled).
THE POODLE TRAINER (8:00) Vance Malone’s character study of a circus trainer, whose performing poodles are the center of her universe. (in Russian, sub-titled)
ROCKET (2:00) Jennifer Sheridan’s award-winning film about her little dog’s fantasy exploits.
DINE IN THE DARK (:30) Jake Shannon, an Australian student, made this PSA for Guide Dogs for the Blind to create empathy for living with vision-impairment.
SECOND CHANCES (20:00) Director Steven Latham’s film about female prisoners who train dogs from shelters, changing lives on both ends of the leash.
PETCO FOUNDATION – Bonnie Thunder’s adoption story.

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