2021 NashFilm Screenplay Competition Semifinalists

Congratulations to our semifinalists!

30 Minute Pilot 
A Version by  Asad Farooqui
Americano by  James Tison & Gus Constantellis
Amina Floyd, MD by  Yancey Hrobowski
Animal Justice by  Rosalind Grush
Coming of Age by  Desiree Elder
Cuffing Season by  Jon Bershad
Cupid Stunt by  Jack Fossett
Dead Serious by  Jaimie Bouwkamp
Disappointment Asians by  Jean Kim
Eastwick by  Cory Giles & Jamie Merkel
Like Mother, Like Daughter by  Aleisha Hull
I-CON-IC by  Daisy Hobbs
Manifest by  Kevin Ramlal
Memphis Biggs & The Chickasaw Gambit by  Gregory Lemmons
No One Wants Us by  Yagmur Tok
Platinum Panda Pao by  Cory Giles & Jamie Merkel
Queens of the Earth by  Lauren Vernea
She’s Out of this World by  Ellie Race-Moore & Kristina Felske
Sick In The Head by  Jaimie Bouwkamp
Sofia & Dan vs. by  Sam Watson
Spies Girls by  Neer Shelter & Tai Scrivener
The Forty Percent by  Elizabeth Forrest
60 Minute Pilot 
Allensworth by  Bryce Cracknell
André by  Brock Cravy
Beasts Of Nowhere by  Vishwas
Blood Dog by  Audrey Lorea
Cryptophasia by  Taylar Morrissey
Dragoness by  Samantha Duncan
Genghis Khan by  Shyaam Karra
Hard Rice by  Mary Nguyen
Hellhole by  Katey Clausen
Ideal Man by  Jimmy Clabots
Jazzy by  Olivia Reed
Kosher Nostra by  Gracie Marcellus
Legacy by  Carlton Fripp
The Asset by  Sara Morris
The Break Room by  Laurie J. Gardiner
The Disappeared Ones by  Helmann Wilhelm
The Revolutionist by  Xander Bernstein
Tierra Paz (A Pacified Land) by  Eugene Michael Santiago
Unsung by  Heidi-Marie Ferren, Dana Joiner
Comedy Feature 
Battle of the Exes by  Matthew Hoch
Best Wishes by  Kathryn Winn
Flag Day by  Brian W. Smith & Vincent Viñas
Ghosted by  Kate Beacom & Lacey Jeka
go-LOVE-go by  John A. Griffin
Grandma Wars by  Betty Sullivan
Mia’s Accidentals by  Gina DeAngelis
Never Look Back by  Ahmed Siddiqui
Owen by  Patrick Dinicola
Rat Bastards by  Keri Lee
Saturday Night Lesbian by  Tracie Laymon
The Lakeosaurus by  Steve Holinsworth
The Naked Man List by  Morgan Pepper
White Zinfandel by  Robyn Paris & Shanee Edwards
Drama Feature
A Lavender Marriage by  Banban Cheng
After Saint Marks by  David Scala
Bleed Just Like Us by  EZEKIEL Jeremiah WALKER
Convicted by  Randall Wolff
Diane Nash by  Cierra Lockett
Divine Blood by  Aly Miller
Free Spirit by  Maahir Khan
Good Chance by  Tricia Lee
Houston: The Man Who Lynched Jim Crow by  Gregory B. Lemmons, Esq. & Marc A. Theriault, Esq.
Incarnations by  Albert M. Chan
Libo to Hero by  Desmond Ngai
Long Way Home by  Jamaal Pittman
Lost in DC by  Bob Ahmed
Major Hacker’s War by  Steve Blame
Memory Bank by  Michael Raymond
Mr. ER by  Nathan Hudson
Nash by  Jean-Claude Thibaut
Park Kidz by  Quamé Hamlin
Sleeping on Stones by  Nicole Ballivian
Southern Gothic by  Adam Davenport & John Budge
The Giant by  Peter Noel
The Golden City by  Dustin Kahia
The Screenplay by  Guilherme Viegas
The Waltz by  Ava Davis
Genre Feature
BEL by Benin Trotter
Call Out by  Neer Shelter
False Shepherd by  Dawson Roebig
G.O.D. OS by David Christopher Loya
Guacamole Yesterdays by  Hudson Phillips
Ice Maidens by  Katie Gruel
Little Sister by  Barbara Ward Thall
Moonbeam Junior by  David Morrow
Our Own Little Something by  Ava Simone
Out of the Sky by  Arnon Shorr
Reptilian by  Michael Basha
Revelations  by  Johnny Gilligan
Samsara by  Hunter Davis & Josh Maibe
The Grey In Me by  Jeffrey Grellman
The Rommel Gambit by  John Doble
Time, Space, And The Poet by  john turner
True Colours by  Mark Renshaw
Horror Feature
BFFs Never Say Die by  K. Jennifer Ilagan
Blood West by  Steve Barr
Consumption by  James Schannep & Joshua James
Delicate Arch – anonymous by  Matt Warren
Erebus by  Martin Aguilera
Primordial by  Andrew M. Henderson
Sooth(e) by  Nicole Fairbrother
Tainted by  Dan Benamor
The Dinosaur Four by  Greg Rhem & Geoff Jones
Short Script
“Dishes” by  Ashley Sorensen
after the war by  mohammad pourriahi
Bienvenidos a Los Angeles by  Lisa Cole
Black Butterflies by  Tamara S. Hall
Code Switch by  Quamé Hamlin
Heavy Flow by  Paige Wood
Hide Your Crazy by  Austin Kase
I Am A Gentleman by  Nicky Calloway
Identification by  Larry Collins
Land of the Tiger by  Heather Parra
Luba by  Jon Wierenga
My Black Friend by  James Martin
My Chinese Neighbor by  Hongyu Li & Larry LaFond
Piece of Cake by  Jamaal Pittman
Pink Crocs by  Timothy Patrick Hughes
Recovery Chain by  Quamé Hamlin
Reign by  Diane Russo Cheng & Banban Cheng
Runna by  Jessica Hewitt
Sensational by  Kay Barnes
She Dances Under My Skin by  Sam Gill
Skin by  G. Robert Frazier
The Break-App by  Alison Zatta
The Inheritance by  Ken Teutsch
The Long Night Script by  Terry Aderholt
The Music Lesson by  Victor Dean
The Paradise Road by  Lisa Tedesco
The Real Spaghetti by  Richard Stirling
The Real Winston by  Katherine Sainte Marie
Wasted Talent by  Derrick Benton
Tennessee Writer
Dead Serious by  Jaimie Bouwkamp
Distance and Silence by  Ben Parsons
Ghost Light by  David S. Smith
LEG by  Kd Amond & Sarah Zanotti
Of Dusk and Marsh by  Beecher Reuning
Sick In The Head by  Jaimie Bouwkamp
The Deposition by  Kelly Rothberger
The Fix-It Shop by  Friedrich Wilhelm
The Sunshine State by  Joseph Oliver Hooten
Transcendent by  LaTaveya Vault
unGodly deeds by  Tanya Bell