2018 Screenwriting Competition

Congratulations to our 2018 Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition Semi-Finalists and Finalists!

204 Semi-Finalists and Finalists were selected for the 5th annual Screenwriting Competition. They were chosen from over 1,400 submissions from all over the world and include feature-length screenplays, short screenplays, and teleplays. This year’s winners will be announced at an award ceremony during the festival on Friday, May 18th. The 49th Nashville Film Festival will take place May 10-19, 2018.

2018 Semi-Finalists and Finalists


Action/Adventure Feature


Must Love Guns – Matt Altman

The Old Man and the Princess – Sean Cairns

Suckerfish City – William Rodemeyer


Black Jack – Stephen Charles Curran

Crazy AF – Matt Altman

Hanna Foster and the Guardians of Eden – Arnon Shorr

JungleBall – Steve Dini

Last Bullet – Brock Newell

Ordinary Men – Richard Avirett & J.F. Welsh

Quicker Hands – George Wilson


Comedy Feature


Don’t Blow Your Top – Phil Burdette

Plan B – Paige Gresty

Queens – Max Sokoloff


The Bait – Billie Bates

The Great Pretenders – Jillian Lauren

Henchman – Kaveh Veyssi

High School Loser – Harrison Fowler

Hostage from Hell – Melissa Emery

The Motherless Nanny – Sheila Jenca

Mr. Moon – Michael Langer

Once Removed – Adam Libarkin

Springtime for Machinsky – Joshua Jashinski

Topsoil – Marc Giacomi

Waitlist  – Sheila Jenca

The Wreckers – Kristy Leigh Lussier


Drama Feature


Blue on Blue – David Dasilma

The Box – Brian MacEvilly

Immaculate – Gareth Smith


All the Fish in the Sea – Will Goodfellow

The Apple Tree – Matthew Ladensack

The Fight After – Gunnar Garrett

For the Love of God – Kate Watkins

Ignorant – Anita Justice

Inside Passage – Bryan Fierro

Jackpot – Rick Cramer

Lake City – Adam Scorgie

Land that We Love – Julian Renner

Relish – Justin Ward

Save Me! – Jean Barker

True Blue Masters – Hadley Witcher


Family/Animation Feature


Cheat Code Kids – Judah Ray

The Last Fairy Tale – Alton Chassion

Spirit Halloween – Billie Bates


Escaping Bellview – James Kicklighter

The Family Trade – Erin Hays

A Goat Named Glory – Rebecca Williams Spindler

Harold Angel – Janine Gilbert

The Ice Swan – Shirlee Wilson

Princess Pirate – Dino Anello

Spencer, 1928 – Veronica Tabares


Historical Feature


A Better Place – Katterina Powers

Southern Knights – Scott Bloom

The Witch of Pungo – J. Darin Wales


Aktion T-4 – John Martins III

Diane Nash – Cierra Lockett

Iron Maiden – Travis Opgenorth

Johnny Bragg – Jon Miller

Tinian – Jon Davis

Trench Dogs – Robert Holt

Uncle Frits – Charles DeRykus


Inspirational Feature


Get a Life – Nicole Fairbrother

Midland – Emily Lobsenz

Spirit Lead – Maggie Calton


The Apostle – John Martins III

Arizona Sunrise – John Martins III

The Hammer – Raymond Reboulet

Never Seen – Datiya Hamlin

Robert Smalls Great Escape – Bernard Smith

Tantalum Mass: The Last Hacker – David Garrett

White Buffalo – Jan Kimbrough


Music-Inspired Feature


Hard Candy Christmas – Nick Abdo

Matters of the Heart – Thomas Lyons

The Privates – Dylan Allen


Ain’t Been Bad – Brett Edwards

Best Band in the Land – Branden Hampton

Glimmer, Glimmer – Deb Havener

Pale Souls – Michael Lavine

Pines of Rome – Terry Gau

Those Pesky Orphans – Julia Brennan

Spring Fling – Andie Andrews Eisenberg


Science-Fiction Feature


Moon Rush – Matt O’Reilly

Trapped – Darren Howell

Wendigo – Michael Langer


Aegis – Bryan Kelsey

Alt Right – Jason Zielinski

A.M.I. – Nicole Fairbrother

Eden – Jean Barker

Primary Contact – Matt O’Reilly

Warriors of Legend – Bryan Kelsey

Western Dragons – John T. Frederick


Tennessee Feature


Athleticus (A Kiss from the Prettiest Girl) – R. Dale McCarver

Green Card Gay – KD Amond

Pete Simon – Agent of God – Mitch Emoff


Beast on the Row – Douglas Henry

Ghost River – Michael Hoffman

A Greenville Christmas – Jason K. Allen

Sand and Rain – Christopher O’Bryant

Stubborn – Luann Chappell

Tide – Sandra Webb Smith

Wahatchee Falls Revival – Amy Gailey


Thriller/Horror Feature


The 405 – Patrick Byrne

Blood West – Steve Barr

Dream Screen – Steven Epp

Her Shadow – Andrew Henderson

A State of Death – Dan Benamor


The Driven – Adam Bailey

High Beam – Dan Benamor

Self Storage – Tracy Morse & Matthew Currie Holmes

Venor – Matt Nye

The Wooden Man – Brandt Shandera



Comedy Short


Mama of Dada – Anna Hopkins

Motivational Killer: A serial killer that kills motivational speakers – Ryan Smith

Out of the Coffin – David Cramer


Divine Elevation – Michael Gibney

Funtime – Stu Baker & Joe Eatman

The Heist – Ryan Northcott

The Hole Truth – Irish Johnston

The Interrogation – Elise Free

My One in a Million – Michael Gibney

Night of the Swingin’ Dead – Jason K. Allen

Offline – Kate Kelsen

A Permanent Wave – Drew Maynard

Stranger – Shervin Kermani

Stuck – Steve Kennevan


Drama Short


On My Own – Aadip Desai

Remission – Nicole Fairbrother

True Blue – Phil Yuhas


Amal – Dilek Ince

Cherry Glazed – Christine Sherwood

Cinderella – Margaret Kane-Rowe

Close Focus – Ryan Huang

Fiddler – Charles Hertz

Frame of Mind – Shaun Radecki

Gracias – Shaun Radecki

Lulu – Tracey Lion-Cachet

Ruby Throat – Sarah Polhaus

Scary Lucy – Sheila Schroeder

Summer Fruit – Annalise Lamberty

Will God Forgive – Greg Gearlds


Genre Short


Angst – Markus Mueller

Fig Bar – Ben Puleo

Sergio: A Scorpion’s Tale – Shaun Radecki


Aicha Kandisha – Sarah El Bakkouri

Cocoon – Nicolas Diolez

The Confectionary Prince – Jeffrey Howe

The Everlasting – Dean Whittington

Mend – Patricia Tabb

More than Just a Pretty Face – Elizabeth Dean

Saira – John Kontoyannis


Tennessee Short


Half a Dollar – Shara D. Taylor

The Hole Truth – Irish Johnston

Night of the Swingin’ Dead – Jason K. Allen


Arnie & the Queen of the Untamed Forest – Jason K. Allen

First Light – Gareth Smith

Flowers on a Saturday – Jason K. Allen

Power Lunches with Leland – Jason K. Allen

Shadow of Ambika – Natalie Ruffino

Tamaqua – Jason K. Allen

You OK, Rusty? – Drew Maynard


Thriller/Horror Short


Kate’s Spider – Maurizio Lai

The Storyteller – Patrick Nash

Terrordactyl – Eufemia Scarfone


Blind Man Bounty – Shiva Ramanathan

Duet – Lisanne Sartor

Nom De Guerre – Andrew Henderson

The Obscured – Erik Scerbak

Power Out – Laurie Stark

The Siberian Trap – Jeffrey Howe

The Unnamed Planet – Andrew Henderson


Young Screenwriter Short


Broccoli – Tiger Ji

Hiding Spot – Sam Wilson

Smashed Mirror – Jacob Marris


My Family’s Pearl Harbor Journey – Skylar Justice

Naiveté – Grace Herman



30-Minute Teleplay


Burn – Phillippe Bowgen

Carcass Star – Mike Carrier

OMG – Terry Milner


Age Appropriate – Stephanie Bencin

The Agents of Fortune – Mac Cushing

The Apology Tour – Deanna Shumaker

Gays vs. Zombies – Eli Rarey

Guardians of Abel – Adam Sleper

Haters – Dante Russo

Higher Power – Maggie Levin

Kris Conner and the Lonelies – Carrie Siggins

My Life with Cats – Bear Kosik

Spies Girls – Nir Shelter

Time Fail – Marian Meidel

When in Rome – Amy Amani


60-Minute Teleplay


Blood on the Wall – Alexander Berger

To Kill Again – Darren Howell

Radicalized – Bandar Albuliwi

Sovereign – Edward Gines

Yonge Street Strip – Lisa Gold


Alone Together – Sally Pitts

Chasers – Andrew Henderson

The Demon Bureau – Mike Donald

Heroes & Villains – Matt Altman

Kyla’s War – Hank Isaac

Lifers Anonymous – Sean Collins-Smith

Miracle Village – Alan Baxter

Mirrored – Andrew Henderson

Miss Idaho Falls – Deanna Shumaker

Osaka Dead – Dan Benamor