Screenwriter Events

How to Reserve Tickets

Ticket Schedule:


  • Tickets to the panel and Awards Ceremony, for screenwriting competition finalists and semifinalists, are free.
  • Screenwriters with laminates can reserve tickets to the Panel beginning April 7th by emailing
  • NaFF members can reserve tickets beginning April 7th (scheduled)
  • NaFF box office at Regal Green Hills is scheduled to open April 16th at noon.

Panel: The Writer’s Hustle

Friday, April 25 12:30 – 2 PM


Four industry professionals who have seen scripts shopped, shot, sold, and dropped share anecdotes about what a writers are in for after their scripts are written: the hustle.


How do you get your script read? What happens on set once the script’s in the actor’s hands? Where do you stand in Hollywood once your script’s being shopped around?


Join actor-writers Richard Speight Jr. (Thank You For Smoking), David Alford (Nashville), Hollywood publicist and creative marketing consultant Harold Loren, and film-maker and screenwriter Nick Egan (Red Light Runners, Oasis:Definitely Maybe) for the inside scoop. Admission is free with a laminate.  Tickets: $15.

Screenwriters with Laminates: email for tickets.


Screenwriters Awards

Friday, April 25th 5 –  7 PM


Join us from 5-7 PM at Regal Green Hills to celebrate the winners of our inaugural Screenwriting Competition! Admission is free for all.

Closing Night Party

Friday, April 25th 8 – 11 PM


Come party with visiting film industry professionals from all over the world at Festival Courtyard at Regal Green Hills!  Admission is free with a laminate.