2014 Nashville Film Festival Screenwriter Awards


The Nashville Film Festival (NaFF) announced the winners of the First Annual Screenwriter Awards today at Regal Cinemas Green Hills.

In the first year of the Nashville Film Festival Screenwriters Competition, the organization garnered over 1500 entries. NaFF Screenwriting Manager, Michael Wood shared, “In our first year hosting this competition, we read so many great screenplays. We can only imagine that filmmakers and producers from all over the globe will be clamoring to work with these writers.”

2014 Nashville Film Festival Screenwriter Awards

Drama Feature
Winner: Little Silver Heart
 – Lonas Taylor 
Runner-Up: Vulture’s Row – Alfred Thomas Catalfo

Comedy Feature
Winner: hAPPy – Sam Friedlander 
Runner-Up: Male Order – Amanda Darling

Action/Adventure Feature
Winner: Will Powers
 – Andrew Eisen
Runner-Up: In Debt Deep – Andrew Brown

Thriller/Horror Feature
Winner: Vulture’s Row
 – Alfred Thomas Catalfo 
Runner-Up: Sold! – Allen C. Gardner

Family Feature
Winner: Yes, Bub
 – Elisabeth Annacone
Runner-Up: The Spirit Flyer – Jonathan Vermeer & Bart Morse

Inspirational Feature
Winner: Bring It Home
 – Kari Redmond & Ben Davies
Runner-Up: William, Will You Dance? – Mary Huckstep

Music-Inspired Feature
Winner: Dead Man Blues
 – Jefferson McClure
Runner-Up: Man at the Top – Larry Shulruff

Animation Feature
Winner: Tank’s
 – Randall C. Willis 
Runner-Up: The Princess Honeybee – James McFarlane

Historical Feature
Winner: The Poem
 – Dawn Wise 
Runner-Up: Newton’s Laws of Emotion – Eugene Ramos

Science Fiction Feature
Winner: Heroman
 – Timucin Leflef 
Runner-Up: The Beginning – Elise Carr & Dennis Carr

Tennessee Screenwriter Feature
Winner: Driving Top Down
 – Elvis Wilson
Runner-Up: The Sound of the Sword – Ryan Estabrooks and Amber Bartlett

Drama Short
Winner: The Lost Cause
 – Jeffrey Rubin 
Runner-Up: Cocaine Eyes – Alexander Briley

Comedy Short
Winner: The Bride of Frankie
 – Devi Snively 
Runner-Up: Power Wash – Linda Rumney

Action/Adventure Short
Winner: The Ten Mile
 – Tarp Jones
Runner-Up: Celara Electric – Lee McQueen

Thriller/Horror Short
Winner: The Ants Go Marching
 – Charles Dillon Ward
Runner-Up: Memento – Stuart Creque

Family Short
Winner: Pipe Dream
 – Sundae Jahant-Osborn 
Runner-Up: Escape – Diana Zimmerman & Brad Jost

Inspirational Short
Winner: Long Distance Call
 – Sussu Laaksonen
Runner-Up: Shit-House Crazy – Julie Akeret

Music-Inspired Short
Winner: A Certain Romance – Anthony Cawood 

Animation Short
Winner: The Hunter
 – Wade Balance 
Runner-Up: The Dreamscape Aquarium – David Serra

Historical Short
Winner: Scorched Earth – Skye Lynch 

Science Fiction Short
Winner: Every Lady Has A Silver Lining
 – Tishema Jones Al-Amin
Runner-Up: In A Forest – Ryan Sprague

Tennessee Screenwriter Short
Winner: The Department of Signs and Magical Intervention – Melissa Anderson Sweazy 

Runner-Up: Mulligan – Caleb Stallings

TV Drama Pilot
Winner: Ordnung
 – Aaron Rollins
Runner-Up: Valleywood – Grete Heinemann

TV Comedy Pilot
Winner: Roomies
 – Kristin Cantrell
Runner-Up: Foxy Naught – Karen Rouse

Young Screenwriter Short
Winner: Family Portrait
 – Michael Flynn 
Runner-Up: Outpost Bravo – Joshua Taylor