New Directors

All-Stars | Director: Lance Kinsey. USA. | ALL-STARS provides a hilarious commentary on the state of all youth sports today, spotlighting the parents’ blind ambitions and grand delusions as they strive to ensure that their nine-year-old prodigy be recognized as the elite athlete they imagine her to be, whether or not she possesses one whit of actual athletic ability. Cast: Fred Willard, Angela Kinsey, Richard Kind, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Mike Hagerty, Illeana Douglas. Southeast US Premiere.

The Ambassador to Bern | Director: Attila Szász. Hungary. | A fictional account of the 1958 attack against the Hungarian embassy in Bern. Based on a true story about the aftermath of the 1956 Hungarian revolution. Cast: János Kulka, József Kádas, Rémusz Szikszai. Southeast US Premiere.

The Challenger | Director: Kent Moran. USA. | With the help of legendary boxing trainer, a struggling Bronx auto mechanic  turns to boxing to save he and his mother from living on the streets. Cast: Kent Moran, Michael Clarke Duncan, S. Epatha Merkerson, Justin Hartley, Frank Watson, Ernie Sabella. Tennessee Premiere.

For the Plasma | Director: Bingham Bryant, Kyle Molzan. USA. | A digital-pastoral drama of friendship, landscape and technology. Cast: Erica Jennifer Hill, Anabelle LeMieux, Rosalie Lowe, James Mark Han, Ryohei Hoshi. Tennessee Premiere.

Krisha | Directors: Trey Edward Shults. USA. | When Krisha returns for a holiday gathering, the only things standing in her way are family, dogs and turkey. Cast: Krisha Fairchild, Bill Wise, Olivia Grace Applegate, Chase Joliet. Tennessee Premiere.

The Midnight Swim | Director: Sarah Adina Smith. USA. | Spirit Lake is unusually deep. No diver has ever managed to find the bottom, though many have tried. When Dr. Amelia Brooks disappears during a deep-water dive, her three daughters travel home to settle her affairs. They find themselves unable to let go. Cast: Lindsay Burdge, Jennifer Lafleur, Aleksa Palladino, Beth Grant, Ross Partridge. Tennessee Premiere.

Molly Takes a Trip | Director: Annika Kurnick. USA. | When a mysterious man is a no-show to his own party, the shy bookish girl he invited spends a surreal night of emotional and sexual exploration with the other guests on a desolate island. Cast: Angela Gulner, Elsa Carette, Charlie V. Wilson, Geri-Nikole Love, Jake Mann, Ken Urbina. World Premiere.

Naz & Maalik | Director: Jay Dockendorf. USA. | Two closeted Muslim teens have their Friday afternoon ruined by FBI surveillance when their secretive behavior and small-time scheming start to look like violent radicalism. Cast: Curtiss Cook, Jr., Kerwin Johnson, Jr., Annie Grier, Anderson Footman, Bradley Custer, Ashleigh Awusie. Southeast US Premiere.

Radiator | Director: Tom Browne. United Kingdom. | Sooner or later we all become have to become parents to our parents. Cast: Gemma Jones, Richard Johnson. Tennessee Premiere.

Some Beasts | Director: Cameron Nelson. USA. | The physical tolls and harsh realities of Appalachia force a modern day Thoreau to decide if he truly belongs. Cast: Frank Mosley, Lindsay Burdge, Heather Kafka, Allison Bowden, Matt Sebas. Southeast US Premiere.

Songs She Wrote About People She Knows | Director: Kris Elgstrand. Canada. | Carol discovers how to lose friends and alienate people when she starts singing songs she wrote about people she knows. Cast: Arabella Bushnell, Ben Cotton, Matty Finochio, Marilyn Norry, Brad Dryborough. Southeast US Premiere.