THIS YEAR I WANT TO SEE: Live From New York! and Cailleach | Frank Zier
by ahsodesigns

  Frank Zier | VP, Southern Advertising Director | Parade Magazine It’s exciting that the Nashville Film Festival has grown into the well-regarded and internationally recognized event that it’s become. What a great opportunity for the city to stretch it’s creativity beyond it’s usual narrow scope. Looking forward to seeing at least Live From New York!…

HOW TO FEST: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Calendar Ticket Purchase
by ahsodesigns

Hello there! Are you wondering what’s playing at the Nashville Film Festival this year? Want to learn how to buy a ticket, or reserve a seat, for a screening or an interactive panel? You can do it online! It’s simpler than you think. Come with me. I’ll walk us through it in 4 easy steps….

by Deb Pinger

Welcome to the Nashville Film Festival Blog.  We want to know what you are thinking as we create the amazing NaFF community for 2015.  In just a few weeks, we’ll welcome hundreds of international filmmakers, dignitaries, celebrities, screenwriters, jurors and music supervisors.  Thousands of fans will converge for our famous parties. Be sure you have Gold or Silver laminates so…